21 Totally Quiche Items You Can Buy Right Now

Coz you need more Chris Lilley in your life.

1. Be the Queen of Quiche.

Get the brooch here.

2. Totally Ja’miezing.

Get this tee here.

3. Definitely not the fugliest.

Get this tee here

4. Remember, drama changes lives.

Get the jumper here.

5. Don’t touch. Just look.

Get the embroidery pattern here.

6. Magical.

Get the mug here.

7. He’s a Jesus-type figure.

Get the tee here.

8. Shoot me for wanting a dream.

Get the hoodie here.

9. Is that from Sussan’s?

Get these Jonah earrings here.

10. This is a povo-free zone.

Get this tee here.

11. I didn’t ask to be born hot.

Get the tee here.

12. Just because I’m rich, doesn’t mean I’m a bitch.

Get the tee here.

13. So random.

Get the magnets here.

14. Puck you, Miss.

Get the mug here.

15. With a P.

Get this tee here.

16. They’re everywhere!

Get the drink bottle here.

17. This is mine.

Get the mug here.

18. I want to draw my dick on you.

Get the lighter here.

19. Don’t be a bitch and not listen.

Get the keychaine here.

20. Excellent.

Get the earrings here.

21. All hail Saint Ja’mie.

Get the candle here.

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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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