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    22 Cartoon Guys Who Sexually Awakened You

    They were just drawn hot.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share who caused their sexual awakening. Here are some of the cartoon guys responsible…

    1. Tarzan — Tarzan

    "Tarzan, especially when he makes Jane touch his chest so she could feel his heart." —Submitted by Loreto Alvarado Fuentes

    2. Robin Hood — Robin Hood

    "The sexy fox Robin Hood. I mean fox literally." —Submitted by Jenna Bloom (Facebook)

    3. Prince Eric — The Little Mermaid

    "Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid was my first crush." —Submitted by Charlotte Barnfather (Facebook)

    4. Beast — Beauty and the Beast

    "Beast from Beauty and the Beast. In his beast form. Don't judge me." —Submitted by Andre Norman (Facebook)

    5. Prince Adam — Beauty and the Beast

    "Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast. I still remember when he picked himself off the ground and then turned around all dramatically... and my little 5-year-old-heart just stopped." —Submitted by Shaina Higgins (Facebook)

    6. Tuxedo Mask — Sailor Moon

    "Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Only in the tux though!" —Submitted by Becky Erickson (Facebook)

    7. Aladdin — Aladdin

    “Aladdin. That skimpy vest, though. Hot damn. I went from a child straight to a woman that day.” —Submitted by Micahf49fe15d52

    8. Simba — The Lion King

    "Simba, because who DIDN’T fall in love with him?!" —Submitted by Moonlight

    9. Dimitri — Anastasia

    "Dimitri from Anastasia... John Cusack. I still get all silly in my pants for him." —Submitted by Jennifer Art (Facebook)

    10. Li Shang — Mulan

    "Li Shang from Mulan was a babe and a half. His dedication to helping Mulan and those big-ass arms were all I needed." —Submitted by Michelle Rennex

    11. Trent — Daria

    "Trent Lane (yes, from Daria). Sexiest cartoon character ever!" —Submitted by Ebony Grace Robinson (Facebook)

    12. Wheeler — Captain Planet and the Planeteers

    "He made being ginger hot and his power was FIRE, c'mon. Linka couldn't resist and neither could I." —Submitted by Jenna Guillaume

    13. John Smith — Pocahontas

    "John Smith from Pocahontas! That full blonde hair, that mouth... Still the best Disney movie of all time, mainly because of that." —Submitted by Emily Steeves (Facebook)

    14. Ash Ketchum — Pokemon

    "Ash Ketchum from Pokemon." —Submitted by Jessicag43c9d738f

    15. Hercules — Hercules

    "Hercules from the cartoon Disney film - looking at his triangle knees made mine go weak." —Submitted by Sashad4bf81c93c

    16. Danny Phantom — Danny Phantom

    "Danny Phantom. I was absurdly attracted to cartoon characters as a child. Real people just didn't do it for me." —Abby Morris (Facebook)

    17. Max — A Goofy Movie

    "Omg I had the hugest crush on Max! That was definitely it for me!" —Submitted by Coolmae

    18. He-Man — He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

    "He-Man... I was a very gay child." —Submitted by Keegan Burt (Facebook)

    19. Shrek — Shrek 2

    "Human Shrek. I was like 13-ish, just starting to deal with all that. I am so embarrassed." —Submitted by Mnm9291

    20. Jafar — Aladdin

    "Jafar. I know. I know." —Submitted by Hayleyk42a03476a

    21. Miguel —The Road to El Dorado

    "Between Kenneth Branagh's voice and some verrrrry handsome animation, the character Miguel lit up my hormones like the Fourth of July (which I'm a little embarrassed to admit)." —Submitted by Stephanie Taylor (Facebook)

    22. The Great Prince of the Forest — Bambi

    "Bambi's father. And yes, I'm aware he's a deer." —Submitted by Ale Pelliu (Facebook)

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