Tony Abbott Was Just Asking To Become A Meme When He Posted This Picture

    Apparently he missed the memo from David Cameron.

    When UK Prime Minister David Cameron posted this serious selfie on Twitter, he naturally spawned a hilarious meme.

    I've been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. We are united in condemnation of Russia's actions.

    Yesterday, Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott followed in his footsteps.

    Just got an update on the search for #MH370 from JACC Chief Coordinator Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston (Ret'd)

    Literally — within minutes Twitter users got in on the action.

    I'm here now. Sorry for the delay “@TonyAbbottMHR: Just got an update on the search for #MH370

    @thombus @TonyAbbottMHR thanks for the update Tony. Keep me posted.

    .@na_cotic @thombus @TonyAbbottMHR I'm patched in what's the sitrep

    @MrJosh9000 @na_cotic @TonyAbbottMHR Okay I'm connected and... wait on I'm pretty sure that's not Tony

    .@thombus @na_cotic @TonyAbbottMHR wait let me swap phones

    @MrJosh9000 @thombus @na_cotic @TonyAbbottMHR Okay, I’m on the call. Let’s do this.

    @pipequanta @MrJosh9000 @thombus @na_cotic @TonyAbbottMHR I’m here. What’s the sitch?

    @Jess_Clarke @MrJosh9000 @TonyAbbottMHR @na_cotic @pipequanta @thombus how can I help?

    Hey @TonyAbbottMHR tone. Tone. TONE. TOOONNEEEEE I am on the line now u wot m8

    @TonyAbbottMHR m8 what’s happening?

    I'm on the line and listening in “@TonyAbbottMHR: Just got an update on the search for #MH370”

    @kateiselin @TonyAbbottMHR Patched in as well, apologies for delay. #AbbottMH370

    @john_weeks @kateiselin @TonyAbbottMHR everyone talk 1 at a time please, I've got you on speaker

    @TerryDougie @kateiselin @john_weeks @TonyAbbottMHR Can you just repeat that last bit please?

    .@TonyAbbottMHR patched in now prime minister

    Are we doing this again @TonyAbbottMHR

    Sadly, unlike David Cameron, no actual knights patched in for Tony's call.

    .@robdelaney @David_Cameron @BarackObama I'm now patched in as well. Sorry for the delay.

    Better luck next time.