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The Hound And Brienne's Scene Was One Of The Best On "Game Of Thrones"

"Such proud parents of their little murder child."

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Featuring the biggest gathering of main characters since Season 1, the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones was absolutely full of significant meetings and reunions.

To refresh your memory, the one and only time Brienne and the Hound met was in Season 4. Brienne is travelling to the Eyrie in search of Arya, while the Hound and Arya have just left there, having made it to the gate only to hear Arya's aunt Lysa is dead.

The Hound sees Brienne is carrying a Lannister sword and distrusts her, and the two fight over Arya's safety – each believing they're the one who will give her her best chance.


This is an especially big moment coming from the Hound, who has been travelling with Arya on the pretext that he wants money from her relatives. The fact that at this point there's no one left to "sell" her to, and he really just wants to protect her, is huge.


He begs her to kill him quickly, but she refuses, walking away and continuing her journey alone.


Arya's feelings about the Hound are incredibly conflicted – he was on the list for killing her friend Mycah, but they developed a weirdly touching bond on their travels together. You could interpret her abandoning him to die as a cruel way to make him suffer – but it's more likely to do with the fact that she doesn't really want him dead at this stage, because she's grown to care for him (something that's backed up by the way Jaqen knows Arya is lying when she talks about her hatred of the Hound later).

Everyone – including the Hound and Brienne – assumes Arya is dead after this. Brienne, of course, discovers this isn't true when Arya returns to Winterfell. Interestingly, the Hound's presence looms over their interaction.


Meanwhile, the Hound gets a nice reminder about Brienne courtesy of Tormund.

So it's fitting, and kinda lovely, that the two have a moment in the season finale. Despite fighting, they've always been on the same side, really – Arya's. To hear them talk about her is wonderful, and the Hound's reaction to learning she's not only alive, but lethal, is perfect.

A lot of fans were really into the adorable moment.

Brienne and the Hound were acting like such proud parents of their little murder child Arya. #GameofThrones


"The only one who needs protecting is the one who gets in her way" These proud parents, I simply can not.…

The Hound's proud smile when Brienne tells him Arya is alive and kicking asses in Winterfell #GameOfThrones…


The Hound and Brienne- the proud divorced parents of Arya we never knew we always wanted. #GameOfThrones

It's unclear where the Hound ended up after the meeting at King's Landing, but here's hoping he's headed to Winterfell with the rest of the crew. It'd be great to get more scenes between him and Brienne – but even more importantly, it would be amazing to see him reunite with not just Arya, but Sansa too.