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    This One Moment In The "Riverdale" Premiere Totally Broke My Heart


    In the Riverdale Season 3 premiere, Archie was on trial for the murder of some guy I barely remember from Season 2.


    The important point is Hiram set him up.

    Before going to court to hear the jury's verdict, Archie took a moment to say goodbye to his beloved dog Vegas.

    After the jury revealed they were still deadlocked and couldn't agree upon a verdict, Archie (being Archie) decided to admit he was guilty (even though he wasn't) and take a deal.


    He wanted to spare the people he cares about more pain, except he only caused them more. INCLUDING VEGAS.

    So Archie didn't come home. Cut to: VEGAS WAITING FOR HIM WITH THIS SAD LOOK ON HIS FACE.

    Netflix / Via

    MY HEART!!!


    OH MY GOD VEGAS😭😭 he knows somethings up & he looks so sad, poor doggie😩 #Riverdale

    most heatbreaking scene of the episode 💔Vegas #Riverdale

    What hurts me most about how Archie might go to jail is that Vegas won’t know why he’s gone #Riverdale

    The saddest part of this #Riverdale episode was Archie saying goodbye to Vegas without Vegas realising that once Archie walked out that door, he wouldn’t be coming home again.

    Also last thing #Riverdale didn't have to do us like that with Vegas waiting for Archie to come home. But they did and I'm bitter and crying about it

    what she says: i'm fine what she means: vegas will never understand why archie isn't coming home and archie really should have taken that into consideration before he recklessly pleaded guilty why didn't he think of the dog why does nO ONE EVER THINK OF THE DOG #Riverdale

    And like, as if that wasn't enough, can we talk about the fact that Jughead didn't notice Hot Dog was missing for THREE MONTHS?!?!


    Honestly, Jughead would NEVER.


    Justice for Vegas AND Hot Dog!

    this week’s episode was v stressful, can next week’s just be about vegas and hot dog? 🐶 #riverdale

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