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    This Is What Sexy Men Looked Like In The '70s And '80s

    According to the infamous Cleo magazine centrefold. Slightly NSFW.

    Australian women's magazine Cleo has been known for its naked centrefolds, amongst other things, since the 1970s. Here are some of the very best. With best meaning, well, you'll see...

    1. Hey girl, draw me like one of your French girls.

    Greg Bonham, 1973.

    2. Hey girl, my hair is full of your secrets.

    Xenon, 1973.

    3. Hey girl, this is how flexible I am.

    Garth Welch, 1973.

    4. Hey girl, I'll blow your horn.

    5. Hey girl, come on in, the water's nice.

    Stephen Berry, 1975.

    6. Hey girl, I'm definitely not thinking about wood right now.

    7. Hey girl, can you help me with my makeup?

    Reg Livermore, 1976.

    8. Hey girl, don't leave me this way.

    9. Hey girl, can I get you something to drink?

    Robert Bruce, 1977.

    10. Hey girl, RAAAWR.

    Steve Trgo, 1978.

    11. Hey girl, wait until you see my freestyle.

    George Loring, 1978.

    12. Hey girl, I can be your first mate.

    13. Hey girl, why not both?

    Anthony De Leede and Ken Stevens, 1982.

    14. Hey girl, let's find Nemo together.

    Jody Perry, 1984.

    15. Hey girl, let's nap.