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27 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

This fucked me up.

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1. This evil statement:

2. This a-ha moment:

3. This unsettling thought:

4. This eye-opening idea:

5. This nightmare:

6. This good point:

7. This revelation:

8. This philosophical suggestion:

9. This plot hole:

10. This horrifying notion:

11. This goddamn dark thought:

12. This question we've all asked ourselves:

13. This astute observation:

14. This heartwarming notion:

15. This post that will cut you deep:

16. This brain-hurting suggestion:

17. This thing that should totally be a thing:

18. This logical question:

19. This shower thought:

20. This horror movie waiting to happen:

21. This childhood ruiner:

22. This uncomfortable truth:

23. This statement that makes you think:

24. This excellent question:

25. This awful reminder:

26. This mind-melting scenario:

27. And this life-changing realisation: