This 16-Year-Old Girl Is Live-Tweeting Gaza Under Attack

“I might die tonight.”

1. A 16-year-old girl living in Gaza is apparently using social media to document bombings near her home.

2. Although the posts aren’t geotagged, they appear to be legitimate.

3. Farah Baker has been tweeting and blogging about her life in Gaza since 2012, but has gained thousands of followers overnight as she live-tweeted Israel’s most recent attack on Gaza.

4. Farah wrote of her and her little sister’s terror at the sound of the nearby bombs.

6. Farah’s sister.


— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

7. She also posted several Vines that revealed what she was seeing and hearing.

Hugeee explosion now 1:39am #Gaza

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

Drones sound #Gaza 2:06am

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

Another HORRIBLE SHELL 2:11am #Gaza

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

Okay. The 8163662 bomb I could hear today! This is UNBELIEVABLE!! #Gaza 2:13am

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

Many ambulances now #Gaza

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

3:04am it should be too dark but as u can see flares turned darkness into light #Gaza

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

13. Farah wrote that she’s already lived through three wars, but that this has been the worst.

I'm 16yrs old and have witnessed 3 wars, as I see, this is the hardest one #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #GazaUnderFire #AJAGAZA #ICC4Israel

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

14. People on Twitter have been sending their support.

@Farah_Gazan thinking of you and hoping you will be safe. I'm so sorry.

— Shane Bazzi (@shanebazzi)

I cannot imagine having the bravery or mental capacity, at just 16, to do what @Farah_Gazan is showing the world tonight. It's unfathomable.

— Sin Burke (@minniemelange)

@Farah_Gazan I wish so bad that this horror would stop. It is insane. People around the world feel love for you and others.

— Daniel X (@veganmutiny)

@MichaelSkolnik @Farah_Gazan Stay strong girl. The world provides you strength.!!

— Keith (@shiguy79)

@farah_gazan god bless you guys and please, stay strong. i don't know what to say… if there's something i can do for you just let me know.

— marcia (@collateralveins)

Reading @Farah_Gazan's tweets and thinking about the first time I read Anne Frank's diary

— Asher Wolf (@Asher_Wolf)

20. When questioned about why she was staying in her house, Farah revealed she couldn’t leave.

@waltygm trust me I cant move. They'll bomb me if I step the street

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

Not only my area is suffering of this night, all parts of #Gaza strip are hearing bombs and seeing flares, this is y we've no shelters

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

22. The 16-year-old has been posting regular updates about the conflict in Gaza over the last few weeks, and has made no secret of her apparent support for Hamas.

@AzulayRomond Hamas does it's best to defend us. It throws rockets to Israel

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

Qassam resistance just thrown a rocket to Israel. Allahu Akbar :D pray for them

— Guess what (@Farah_Gazan)

24. Her last tweet was at 9.06pm (ET)/11.06am (AEST). BuzzFeed has reached out to Farah for comment.


Farah has now tweeted “I AM ALIVE!!”.

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