The "Riverdale" Premiere Was Really Horny And Here Are The Pics To Prove It

    It seems Archie Andrews is still allergic to shirts.

    1. When Cheryl made a characteristically iconic entrance and it seemed like she hadn't worn a shirt all summer.

    2. When the Serpents strutted around like this.

    3. When FP (looking extra hot in glasses!!) gave Archie a tattoo.

    4. Which Archie of course had to be shirtless for.

    5. And the scene really lingered.

    6. When Cheryl had a pool party and entered like this.

    7. And we learned Josie and Sweet Pea had a sizzling summer fling.

    8. And Archie and Veronica were, well, Archie and Veronica.

    9. Then Archie tossed the football around...

    10. With his buddy (?) Reggie.

    11. And honestly, it was the highlight of the episode.

    12. (I couldn't tell you what they actually said in this scene, though.)

    13. When Betty and Jughead basically eye-fucked in a room full of people.

    14. When the Ghoulies made an entrance like this.

    15. When Archie had sweaty, glistening nightmares.

    16. When Archie drove around shirtless.

    17. When the gang went swimming and didn't bother with swimsuits for some reason.

    18. And then their swimming was basically dry humping in the water (wet humping? IDK).

    19. And when Archie and Veronica were, well, Archie and Veronica. Again.