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    22 May 2014

    10 Things Your Fave Disney Characters Do In Their Downtime

    Can't a Sith Lord enjoy a bubble bath in peace?

    The clever people at Hello I'm Wild have created this awesome - and slightly unsettling - series of Star Wars and Toy Story characters (plus Bambi) just doing their thing.

    1. Boba Fett builds things.

    2. This Little Green Man adores his pancakes.

    3. Buzz just wants to get a little closer to Chewie.

    4. Woody and Jessie like to play games.

    5. And so does Bambi.

    6. Bullseye likes to go for a different kind of ride.

    7. Knit, Yoda loves.

    8. This Stormtrooper gets satisfaction from blasting away clothing creases.

    9. Buttercup is a master at multitasking.

    10. And Darth just wants a bath.

    View the full series and purchase posters here.

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