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43 Things Only Australian '90s Girls Would Understand

Dear Dolly Doctor, is it meant to look like that?

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1. Girlfriend were your style icons.

2. It didn't matter if your ears weren't pierced because you could stick on these babies.

3. You wanted to be friends with the Ship to Shore gang.


4. You were so cool if you owned a Sportsgirl logo tee.

5. You always lost your Polly Pocket people. :(

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6. You terrified your younger siblings with your Rigadoon doll.

7. You were a master at the Topsy Tail.

8. And always wore a generous helping of butterfly clips.


9. On special occasions, you ironed your hair. With an actual iron.

10. You got all your accessories from Kleins.

11. You learned about sex and periods and what to do if you farted in front of your crush from Dolly Doctor.

12. All the best parties were at the roller skating rink.

13. Drazic from Heartbreak High was responsible for your sexual awakening.


14. And Pete Twist and the guy from Spellbinder were dreeeeamy.

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15. If you didn't smell like Impulse Vanilla Kisses, you may as well not even bother showering.

16. Meanwhile, boys actually didn't bother showering and just piled on the Lynx body spray instead.

17. Your Saturdays were spent at netball all through winter.

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18. You really did hate Alison Ashley.

19. "Weir" by Killing Heidi was your anthem.

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20. And "Truly Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden gave you so many ~feels~.

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21. Although Hanson and the Backstreet Boys were the ones who truly had your hearts.

22. And the Spice Girls HAD YOUR SOUL.

23. You recorded all of their videos on VHS from Rage.


24. You wanted to be Linka from Captain Planet.

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25. And/or Kimberly from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

26. If your mood ring said you were sad, you were sad.

27. Leonardo DiCaprio's movies were the height of romance.


28. Your hair turned a horrible shade of orange thanks to Sun In.

29. And a delightful shade of pink thanks to Fudge hair products and/or hair mascara.

30. You learned everything you knew about America from The Babysitters Club.


31. And everything you knew about Britain came from Press Gang.


32. You learned about the very existence of Canada (and teen pregnancy) from Degrassi Junior High.


33. The little "uh-oh" to let you know you'd received a message in ICQ was the most thrilling sound in the world.

34. You memorised song lyrics thanks to the lyric cutouts in TV Hits and Smash Hits magazines.

35. You knew The Magic Riddle was kind of terrible, but you still watched it 167 times.

Yoram Gross

36. You felt so guilty when your Tamagotchi died.

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37. You dreamed of hosting Saturday Disney when you grew up.


38. To this day you can't resist doing the Ocean Girl swim whenever you are in the water.

39. You played Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board at every sleepover.

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40. And endlessly rewatched Scream, Now and Then, and Clueless.

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New Line Cinema

41. You begged your mum to let you get a Nokia 5120.

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42. Angel and Shane were your OTP before OTPs were even a thing.


43. And you only watched Neighbours for the Kennedy siblings...and Joel Samuels.

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