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    12 Things More Likely To Kill You Than A Shark

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bedroom...

    The first shark under the Western Australian government's cull was killed on Australia Day.

    #noWAsharkcull Sad to report the first shark has now been caught and killed on baited drum lines in Perth, WA

    This is despite widespread protests in Australia...

    Great turn out for the protest against the shark cull in Western #Australia. #Perth #nosharkcull #sharks

    And around the world.

    Good on you @rickygervais #NoSharkCull

    The shark cull is in response to seven fatal attacks off the coast of WA in the past three years.

    But on average, only two people die from shark attacks in Australia every year.

    There are so many things more likely to kill you each year in this country...

    1. 19,000 die from smoking-related illnesses.

    2. There are 3,000 alcohol-related deaths.

    3. Breast cancer kills 2,700 people.

    4. More than 2,000 die from skin cancer.

    5. 1,200 people die in car accidents.

    6. Nearly 300 people drown.

    7. Guns kill around 200 people.

    8. There are 110 work-related deaths.

    9. Over 50 people die from falling out of bed.

    10. 20 die in horse riding accidents.

    11. Ladders kill 19 people.

    12. 10 people die from bee stings.

    But somehow sharks are the bad guys.