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    26 Nov 2018

    31 Things Every "Twilight" Stan Definitely Did In 2008

    It really was the best of times.

    1. Read the books at least three times.

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    2. And cancelled plans to do so.

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    3. Cursed Stephenie Meyer for fading to black when Edward and Bella finally do it in Breaking Dawn, after more than three books of build-up.


    4. And threw the book at the wall the first time you read about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.


    5. And also wondered what the hell Stephenie Meyer was thinking naming the kid Renesmee.

    6. Visited Stephenie Meyer’s website regularly to check for updates.

    7. And read all the extras.

    8. Including how TF Edward managed to knock Bella up.

    9. Read Midnight Sun more than once.

    10. And lamented the fact that the full book would likely never see the light of day.

    11. Tried to find Forever Dawn online, to no avail.


    12. Put together Stephenie Meyer’s playlists on your iPod and listened to them while reading the books.

    13. Googled what Forks looks like in real life.

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    14. Argued with other Twilight fans over the movie casting.

    15. And over whether Team Jacob or Team Edward was superior.


    16. Obsessively watched any and all interviews the cast did in the lead up to the release of the movie.


    17. And rewatched the trailer literally hundreds of times.


    18. Watched the movie at the earliest possible screening.


    19. And possibly dressed up for the occasion

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    20. And then watched the movie in cinemas at least three more times.


    21. Forced your friends who weren’t that keen to give the movie a chance.


    22. Talked endlessly about the moments in the movie that made you swoon.


    23. And also the moments that made you laugh.


    24. Listened to the soundtrack on repeat.


    25. Told everyone random facts you knew about the series, even when you knew they didn’t want to hear them.

    26. Read a lot of fanfic.

    27. And probably wrote some.

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    28. Covered your walls/books/assorted objects in Twilight posters and stickers.

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    29. And collected merch.

    Jenna Guillaume

    30. Consumed as many other vampire books, TV shows and movies as you could, because you were hooked.

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    31. And then went straight back to Twilight, because nothing could beat the high it gave you.


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