24 Things All Young Adult Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

    Back away from my reading habits.

    1. "Young Adult books are just less sophisticated."

    2. "Oh yeah YA is good... I mean, if you're after an easy read."

    3. "Aren't you a little old to be reading that?"

    4. "Oh that book is your fav? But it’s so bad."

    5. "YA books are for girls."

    6. "I'm so tired of YA books. They're all the same."

    7. “I didn’t even read YA when I was a teenager.”

    8. "But you’re not really challenging yourself, are you?"

    9. "It’s Hunger Games meets Divergent meets Twilight meets Mean Girls meets Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter!"

    10. “If you love John Green or Rainbow Rowell you'll love this!”

    11. "And it has a love triangle!"

    12. "The next book in the series will be out in 2016!"

    13. "[Insert WRONG actor here] has been cast in the movie adaptation."

    14. "The last movie of the series will be split into two films!"

    15. "I saw the movie so I don’t need to read the book."

    16. "Can't you put that book down for one minute?"

    17. "You read too much!"

    18. "I feel like writing a Young Adult book would be easy. I might have a go."


    20. "It's just a book!"

    21. "This YA book I read was bad, therefore they must all be bad."

    22. "YA is dumbing down/destroying our culture!"

    23. "But Twilight—"

    24. "You shouldn't read YA."

    OK BYE.

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