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22 Really Fucking Weird Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Laugh

You won't regret clicking on this post, I swear.

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1. This owl:

2. This singing supper:

3. This goose march:

4. This majestic creature:

5. This poetry:

6. This history:

7. This friendship:

8. This status:

9. This dog:

10. This cat:

11. This similarity:

12. This pic:

13. This gif:

14. This nude:

15. This spongedog:

16. This shower thought:

17. These flowers:

18. This lyric:

19. This art:

20. This encounter:

21. This mess:

22. And this baby:


The birds marching in #3 are geese, not ducks as this post previously stated. Thanks to all the commenters who pointed it out. Stay vigilant, goose-spotters.