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    Sam Neill Is So Wholesome And Hilarious On Twitter And It Will Genuinely Soothe Your Soul

    Sam Neill and his pigs are the only thing keeping me on Twitter right now tbh.

    1. You know Sam Neill, acting icon from New Zealand, right?

    2. What you might not know is that Neill owns a winery in New Zealand where he hangs out with a bunch of animals and spends his time tweeting about them.

    3. It's honestly the most wholesome and pure thing in the world right now...

    4. His pig Angelica is a particular star.


    WHEN A PIG LOVES YOU. They run when you turn up. See you in a few days , big fella.

    6. Turn the sound on for this video, it's worth it, I swear.

    7. Neill also has another pig named after fellow Kiwi icon Taika Waititi.

    8. And he has a chicken named after Aussie actress Rose Byrne.

    9. Plus there's a cow named in honour of Helena Bonham Carter, who is apparently "very pleased" with her bovine namesake.

    10. Then there's Charlie Pickering, the duck, named after an Aussie TV presenter...

    11. ...who has conceded that the duck is a better Charlie Pickering than he is.

    12. Neill, meanwhile, admits that Charlie Pickering owns him.

    13. In fact, all his animals do.

    14. And if you didn't think it could get any better, JUST WAIT. Because Neill also takes two toy pigs on adventures with him and shares what he captures.

    15. The interact with the real animals.

    16. And end up in all kinds of situations.

    17. Some more dangerous than others.

    18. And some that need special clarification.

    19. Neill is also fond of fake penguins.

    20. And he's not just about the fauna. He's also a huge flora fan.

    My Evening Geraniums . [ OK grammar nazis - Gerania. Happy? ]

    21. Honestly this tweet is art.

    Today. This rose. Stopped me in my tracks.

    22. He also shares some of the more ~glam~ parts of his life.

    23. Like how he totally gets recognised all the time.

    24. And feels super successful.

    25. And he answers fan questions, like this one about his experience with Hurricane Iniki.

    Jeff Goldblum giving me a Victoria's Secret catalogue to keep my mind off our imminent demise.

    26. And this one about how he prepares for roles.

    27. And this one about... toast?

    28. He's very pop culture savvy.

    29. He gives great love advice.

    30. And beauty advice.

    31. He's not afraid to share all his secrets.

    32. Really, he's helping us all get by.

    33. Let's hope he can handle the responsibility.

    Follow him now if you aren't already.


    (I imagine he recreates this scene all the time at home with Angelica the pig.)