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    This Small Moment On "Game Of Thrones" Was Actually The Best

    THE NORTH REMEMBERS. Warning: spoilers.

    The second battle for Winterfell is over. It was epic, it was intense, and it was heartbreaking, but most of all, it was satisfying.

    A lot of satisfaction came from the death of Ramsay Bolton (lol what does this show do to us).

    But can we take moment to appreciate how fucking glorious it was to see the Bolton banners removed from Winterfell and the Stark banners hoisted up once again?!

    It was just a glimpse in between some pretty massive scenes, but it meant so much.

    It's even more emotional when you think about how far they Starks have come to get to this point.

    Jon is returning home after being stuck at Castle Black and beyond the Wall for six long seasons, even when he yearned to be with his family and help them. And Sansa is returning after being made a prisoner in her own home – ready to truly reclaim it.

    And while they couldn't save Rickon in time, Bran and Arya are both heading in the direction of Winterfell.

    Here's hoping we get a big reunion soooooon.

    And in the meantime, it's just bloody amazing to know the Starks are back.


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