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21 "Game Of Thrones" Reunions That Definitely Need To Happen

Season 6 blessed us; let's hope Season 7 will too.

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2. Sansa and Arya

The Stark girls didn't get along particularly well, but they love each other. Sansa's affectionate response to Brienne's story of Arya in Season 6, and Arya's emotions at seeing "Sansa" in the play in Braavos gave us a taste of what will be an epic reunion.

3. Jon and Bran

The last time Jon saw Bran, he was an unconscious little boy. Now he's been hit with the puberty stick and become the Three-Eyed Raven, holding the secret to Jon's identity. Sure, we want to see the last remaining Stark brothers reunite for their own sakes (and yes, they still count as brothers even if that's not ~technically~ how they're related), but also R+L=J HYYYPPPPE.

4. Jon and Benjen

Jon was close to his Uncle Benjen, whose disappearance haunted him to the point where Olly used "news" of Benjen to lure Jon into his traitor's trap. So hopefully, if the Wall comes down as many suspect it will, or Jon somehow ends up beyond the Wall again, he and Benjen will get the chance to meet up and bond over being undead.


5. Arya and Nymeria

Arya sent her beloved direwolf away to protect her from the Lannisters way back in Season 1. Nymeria has been prowling the Riverlands ever since, if the books are anything to go by – and who happened to end up in the Riverlands at the end of Season 6? Arya and her Frey pie, of course. Getting her direwolf back could help Arya embrace her Stark-ness once again and perhaps even start to heal – or at least give her a ferocious ally in her quest for vengeance. But given the show's treatment of the direwolves in Season 6, maybe this is one onscreen reunion we shouldn't hope for.

6. Arya and the Hound

Arya and the Hound had an incredibly complex and compelling relationship that culminated in her leaving him for dead. Arya admitted to being confused about her feelings towards him in Season 6, and with both of them in the Riverlands the last time we saw them, it will be interesting to see what happens if their paths cross.

7. Sansa and the Hound

The Hound was drawn to Sansa and, although she was often frightened by him, she also seemed to feel safe with him. He actually did save her on a few occasions and even offered to help her escape King's Landing and return to Winterfell. Now she's back at Winterfell and he's probably headed north, so maybe we'll see them interact once again.

8. Sansa and Tyrion

Dany and Jon will either become enemies or allies, and with Tyrion at Dany’s side it may make the latter more likely, given his fondness for Sansa and, to a lesser extent, Jon (throw Theon in the mix and it seems even likelier). Tyrion was always incredibly kind to Sansa. You have to wonder how they’ll both feel about each other, and their confusing AF marital status, after everything that’s happened.


10. Cersei and Jaime

OK, they KINDA already reunited at the end of Season 6, but we didn't see any interaction between them beyond this very charged look. Now that Cersei has gone full Mad Queen and done the very thing Jaime sacrificed his honour to prevent, there's a good chance he'll turn against her. Maybe he'll even kill her.

11. Cersei and Tyrion

Cersei and Tyrion's combative chemistry was always a pleasure to watch. Cersei has been determined to kill him since Joffrey's death (and even before that tbh). Now that she's on the Iron Throne, and Tyrion's heading back to Westeros with Dany, dragons, and a fuck-off huge army, it'll be one explosive family reunion. Perhaps Tyrion will become the Valonqar after all.

12. Tyrion and Jaime

The Lannister brothers have always been close, with Jaime risking a lot to free Tyrion. Tyrion then went on to kill their father, so Jaime is bound to have some complex emotions when he sees him again – made all the more complicated thanks to everything that's happening with Cersei.


13. Tyrion and Bronn

If Tyrion meets up with Jaime again, chances are he'll also run into Bronn. They were always a delight to watch together, but Bronn kinda betrayed Tyrion when he wouldn't fight for him in his trial by combat because Cersei paid him off. Still, there were no hard feelings between them.


20. Arya and Melisandre

Melisandre promised she would meet Arya again, and she was last seen heading south in the direction where Arya currently is (as far as we know). Arya did have Melisandre on her list, but it doesn't entirely make sense, plotwise, for the Red Woman to have been spared by Jon and Davos only to be killed by Arya. Or does it? Either way, it's going to be intense.