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    I Watched "The Office" For The First Time In 2020 And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    How long do I have to wait for Jim and Pam to get together?!

    It's 2020 and I have never watched a single episode of The Office — although I feel like I've seen enough gifs to get the gist.

    But, in need of a funny, easy distraction — because 2020 — I decided it was about time I moved beyond memes and actually watched the damn show. Here are my thoughts on the first season...

    “Pilot” (Season 1 Episode 1)

    Close-up of Steve Carrell as Michael Scott

    1. Wait I know this theme song. How do I know this theme song?

    2. Wow that is a CLOSE shot of Steve Carrell’s face.

    3. I have known so many men who speak exactly like this character. 

    4. I had no idea Dunder Mifflin was the name of the company. I thought it was a character.

    5. This set is so depressingly real.

    6. And so is Pam’s half-curly hairdo.

    7. Oh Steve Carrell got creepy. 

    8. And mean!

    9. He bought himself that World’s Best Boss mug didn’t he. 

    10. Bingo. 

    11. Jim! I know his name is Jim! And there’s the Office Stare™️!

    12. I haven’t heard “wazzuuuuup” in so long. I’m instantly transported back to high school and every boy who thought it was the height of comedy. 

    13. This phone call is SO inappropriate which I know is the point but. Wow. Wow. 

    14. Everyone immediately knowing about the downsizing news is perfect.

    15. I ship Jim and Pam already oh my god look how cute they are. 

    16. A HITLER JOKE?!

    17. Pam wants to be an illustrator please tell me she gets her dream by the end of this.


    19. I can’t decide if glasses guy or Steve Carrell is the more annoying one.

    20. I’ve laughed at least three times so far which is honestly a pretty good run. Better than I’ve been faring in my 2020 Friends watch.

    21. Four times. Steve Carrell listing his role models did it.

    22. He really is just so offensive.

    23. Jim knows Pam’s fave yoghurt flavor. 🥺


    25. Ohh glasses guy is named Dwight. I always thought HE was Dunder Mifflin.

    26. I did not expect to find the stapler-in-Jello prank to be funny but here I am.

    27. I want to feel bad for Dwight but he’s just the worst.

    28. WHAT Pam has a fiancé?!!

    29. That won’t end well.

    30. Does Steve Carrell think “firing” Pam is a funny joke? He does doesn’t he.


    32. Aw the mug in jello prank is kinda weirdly sweet?

    “Diversity Day” (Season 1, Episode 2)

    Jim smiles as Pam rests her head on his shoulder, sleeping

    33. Diversity day feels like the set up for sooo many inappropriate jokes.

    34. I hate Dwight.

    35. FreeCell! I used to love that game. 

    36. Steve Carrell is very funny in this role. 

    37. There’s Mindy Kaling! I wondered when she came into it.

    38. Dwight really, really, really is the worst. 

    39. I’ve only had Kevin for five seconds but I would already kill for him. 

    40. Nooooooooooooooooo not the Chris Rock routine. 

    41. Mr Brown, the diversity dude, is not coping.

    42. Jim’s look into the camera in the background while Dwight was speaking has killed me. 

    43. I feel like every time Michael (that’s Steve Carrell’s character name right?) does something my internal monologue is just “oh no. oh no. oh noooooo.”

    44. He started his own diversity initiative?!
 Oh no.

    45. “Part English, Irish, German and Scottish.” Loool.

    46. This stereotype game is making me so anxious. 

    47. I just gasped out loud at some of those jokes.


    49. She slapped him. Deserved.

    50. Jim’s tiny smile when Pam fell asleep on his shoulder. My heart.

    51. “Not a bad day.” Jim's reaction to Pam is so WHOLESOME.

    “Health Care” (Season 1, Episode 3)

    Through a window in the office, we see Jim facing an angry Dwight

    52. Okay is every episode focused on how terrible Michael is because it’s funny, but gets a bit much. 

    53. The fact that there are so many more seasons of this show where presumably these characters are stuck in jobs they hate is kind of depressing. 

    54. Jim is going to regret giving the health care choice to Dwight. 

    55. I love Pam. She does not let Michael get away with his bullshit. 

    56. The entire office is ganging up on Michael, this is beautiful. 

    57. Michael: My staff love me. His staff: We hate him. 

    58. The fake diseases are very funny but also what about their actual healthcare. 

    59. Loooooool Dwight accidentally snitched on Michael. 

    60. Dwight quizzing everyone on all their illnesses is brutal. 

    61. Protect Kevin and his anal fissures. 😭

    62. So much secondhand embarrassment throughout this entire episode. 

    “The Alliance” (Season 1, Episode 4)

    Pam stands in front of a cardboard box in a warehouse, wearing a party hat and talking on the phone

    63. I already forgot the downsizing plot was happening.

    64. “He just makes people sad.” — Michael Scott on Donald Trump. 

    65. Every scene Pam is in with Michael, I can see a small part of her soul dying before my eyes. 

    66. “Everything Dwight does annoys me.” Same. 

    67. Oh my god Pam and Jim are setting Dwight up for a huge downfall.

    68. Does anybody get any actual work done in this office?

    69. “Should I trust Jim? You tell me.” Alright Dwight I will: no ♥️.

    70. SCREAMING at Dwight in his cardboard box. 

    71. Screaming again at Michael realizing just how much he’s donated to Oscar’s walkathon because he thought it was a flat fee. 

    72. Does Michael ever grow as a person? I feel like probably no. 

    73. This birthday party is a disaster. I love it.

    74. I do NOT like Pam’s fiancé. 

    75. Dwight’s peroxide hair to close the show is a *chef’s kiss*.

    “Basketball” (Season 1, Episode 5)

    Michael sits in his office, gesturing with his hands as he talks

    90. If you drink every time Michael says something offensive, you no longer have  functioning liver. 

    91. Oh THAT’S where Pam’s fiance works, in the warehouse.

    92. I do not love sports storylines. 

    93. Play Phyllis! You go Phyllis!

    94. I hate Michael. 

    95. “Please don’t throw garbage at me.” Me @ 2020.

    96. Phyllis is an alternate, so I hope she gets to play and I hope she’s better than literally everyone but most especially Michael. 

    97. Oooh Jim is going to be playing basketball against Pam’s fiance, TENSE.

    98. Why is Pam with this guy.

    99. NGL the mere sound of the basketball kinda made me tune out. 

    100. Jim almost hit Michael in the head with the ball and suddenly I am more interested. 

    101. Pam your heart eyes are showing and they are NOT for your fiance. 

    102. And the fiance is getting very pissed. Is she gonna break up with him now? Please.

    103. Poor Jim. His heart broke a little listening to Pam talk to her fiance about soaking in the tub.

    “Hot Girl” (Season 1, Episode 6)

    Amy Adams' character Katy stands in front of a smiling Dwight and an awkward Michael

    90. How does Michael actually still have his job? Oh, right, he’s a mediocre white guy.

    91. AMY ADAMS.

    92. Directed by Amy Heckerling?! And written by Mindy Kaling! What a lineup. 

    93. Excuse me Kevin, do not insult my Pam like that. She is just as pretty as Amy Adams. 

    94. Dwight talking about his attraction to Amy Adams made a part of me shrivel up and die.

    95. Michael needs to Stop.

    96. Amy Adams, do NOT go home with Michael. 

    97. Jim’s look into the camera as Pam flirts with her fiance right next to him has absolutely punched me in the heart.

    98. Has Amy Adams sold any purses today? Also is this a thing people do in offices, in general?

    99. Oh my god Jim is approaching Amy Adams. Oh my god. But he belongs with Pam. 

    100. (I know they get together, I’ve seen that wedding video. I am impatient for it to happen. How long do I have to wait?!??!)

    101. After saying she hopes Jim finds someone, Pam is losing it that he’s going on a date with Amy Adams. 

    102. “Other people have told me I have a very symmetrical face.” What a line.

    103. “It was nice to meet some of you.” Amy Adams, I love you. 

    104. Is Michael going to cry because Amy Adams is going home with Jim and not him? And do

    105. Nah, not really. 

    106. What a short first season! But it was fun. I liked it a lot more than I expected after so many people told me the show wasn't great to start with.

    107. We never resolved the downsizing issue. Is that just an ongoing joke across the seasons?

    108. Also: when will Pam and Jim kiss? This is something that is so personal to me. I guess I should probably watch the rest and find out.