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    This "Game Of Thrones" Theory About Daenerys Is Mind-Blowing

    I don't think I could cope with this. Contains spoilers!

    Daenerys's speech at the end of Season 6, Episode 6 of Game of Thrones was completely epic.

    In addition to teasing that she will finally head to Westeros – something fans have been waiting for for six seasons – it was also a nice callback to the speech Drogo made back in Season 1. Plus, what with the giant dragon she was riding and all, it was pretty badass.

    But there was also something about it that was a little...unsettling.

    It's not the first time Dany has delivered a rousing speech, but hearing her echo Drogo's words – even without the rapey bits – when you bear in mind that her "enemies" are not just the dickbags we hate like the Boltons or Freys, but also those we know and love, like the Starks, makes you wonder if her heading to Westeros would be such a good thing after all.

    Sure, a lot of people hope she meets Jon Snow and they're like *heart eyes emoji* and team up to beat the White Walkers together and get married and rule Westeros and live happily ever after.

    But, um... doesn't that sound very un-Game of Thrones to you?

    Doesn't it seem much more likely, in a series that makes you root for a guy who pushed a child out of a window, that the seemingly good protagonist actually ends up a villain?

    Fans have theorised in the past that Dany will take after her father, the Mad King, and become the Mad Queen (or Khaleesi) – and recent events on the show seem to provide evidence for this.

    As Daario points out, despite her best intentions, Dany has proved much better as a conquerer than a ruler, and her speech in this week's episode reinforces this warmongering attitude. And unlike her attack on Slaver's Bay, she won't be conquering Westeros for justice or freedom – it will be for herself alone.

    OK, so she probably believes that this is what the people of Westeros want – but really, she's acting on what SHE wants.

    In the books, Dany does express worry that she will go mad like her father – something that has been hinted at on the show. Remember when Ser Barristan told her about the Mad King?

    She seemed rather shocked and afraid, and insisted she was nothing like that.

    Except, if you look at her recent actions in light of Barristan's words, well... maybe she's not so different after all.

    Of course, the khals were threatening to rape and kill her – but she seemed to enjoy burning them alive just a little too much.

    Perhaps the repeated images of Aerys and his wildfire juxtaposed with Daenerys and her dragons in Bran's vision were actually meant to show a closer connection between the two.

    Maybe it hints that Dany is coming to destroy Westeros, and not save it.

    I mean, she literally promised to break everyone.

    On the other hand, she HAS accepted a Lannister into her circle already – so maybe she's more forgiving and less crazy than people give her credit for.