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This Guy Transforms Himself Into "Game Of Thrones" Characters And It's Amazing

The lord of (high)light.

Paolo Ballesteros is a TV host in the Philippines who uses makeup to transform himself into female celebrities - and lately he's been creating amazing Game of Thrones looks.

Instagram: @pochoy_29 / Via


Paolo told BuzzFeed he studies pictures of the characters in different lighting to get a handle of their facial structure and contours.

Instagram: @pochoy_29 / Via

His Arya is on point.

He said he uses an eyebrow pencil to alter the appearance of his features, and light and dark cream or stick foundations to contour.

Instagram: @pochoy_29 / Via

Oh hey, Brienne.

He adds another layer of foundation, and uses neutral, cool-toned eye makeup.

Instagram: @pochoy_29 / Via

"For Margaery, I lined my upper lash line with my eyes open, so that the liner is already on the fold beyond my normal crease so it will appear farther. Then I filled it up with black," Paolo said.

He contours his nose and uses black liner to shape his lips before more contouring and highlighter on the cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin.

Instagram: @pochoy_29 / Via

Melisandre ready to praise R'Hllor.

Paolo finishes the look by styling a wig to match the character, and nailing their facial expressions.

Instagram: @pochoy_29 / Via

"Cersei was my favourite... Her face is full of attitude. I found myself doing the duckface the entire time."

Each transformation takes about half a day to complete.

Instagram: @pochoy_29 / Via

Sansa approves.

You can follow Paolo on Instagram here.


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