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This "The Little Mermaid" Live Production Has The Perfect Cast

Darren Criss as Prince Eric? YES PLEASE.

Billboard has reported that The Little Mermaid will be performed live at the Hollywood Bowl, complete with a 71-piece orchestra and all-star cast.

Sara Bareilles will play Ariel.

Watch her nail "Part of Your World" here.

Darren Criss will play Prince Eric.

I didn't know I needed this so much until right now.

Rebel Wilson will play Ursula.

She said Ursula is “just such a delicious role that I’ve always wanted to play.”

John Stamos will play Chef Louis.

Bit of an upgrade tbh.

And Tituss Burgess will play Sebastian.

Also appearing will be Norm Lewis as King Triton and Joshua Colley as Flounder.

It. Sounds. Amazing.