18 Episodes Of TV That Were Mind-Blowingly Good

    Did your fave make the list?

    1. "The Winds of Winter" — Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10

    Cersei Lannister stands with her back to the camera in front of two arched windows

    2. "Ozymandias" — Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 14

    Walter White has teary eyes and a mouth open in shock; he is at an outdoor location with rocks and desert

    3. Derry Girls Season 1, Episode 1

    The detention scene from Derry Girls

    4. "Ego Death" — I May Destroy You Season 1, Episode 12

    Theodora, Arabella and Terry wear black and walk down the street at night

    5. "Gay" — Kath and Kim Season 1, Episode 2

    Kath touches her hand to her face in concern

    6. "Marooned" — Red Dwarf Season 3, Episode 2

    Rimmer and Lister sit in front of a fire in a barrel in a spaceship

    7. “Who Goes There” — True Detective Season 1, Episode 4

    Rust stands against the wall with his gun pointed to a man's head as two men run from the building behind him

    8. "Two Cathedrals" — The West Wing Season 2, Episode 22

    Bartlet smokes a cigarette in a cathedral

    9. "Remedial Chaos Theory" — Community Season 3, Episode 4

    Troy walks into his apartment with pizza to find fire and chaos

    10. Fleabag Season 2, Episode 1

    The characters of Fleabag sit around a table in a restaurant

    11. "San Junipero" — Black Mirror Season 3, Episode 4

    Yorkie and Kelly talk in front of a public bathroom mirror

    12. "Hush" — Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4, Episode 10

    The Gentleman stand together

    13. "The Constant" — Lost Season 4, Episode 5

    Desmond cries while on the phone

    14. "Pilot" — The O.C. Season 1, Episode 1

    Ryan stands in a driveway with a cigarette in his mouth

    15. "International Assassin" — The Leftovers Season 2, Episode 8

    Kevin wears a suit and walks through a hotel lobby holding hands with a little girl

    16. "Blink" — Doctor Who Season 3, Episode 10

    Sally stands in front of two Weeping Angels

    17. "True Love" — Dawson's Creek Season 3, Episode 23

    Dawson cries

    18. "Everyone's Waiting" — Six Feet Under Season 5, Episode 12

    Nate standing behind Claire, who is crying

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