This Is The Greatest Australian Love Story Of All Time

@SBS2 and @ABC2 are your new OTP.

1. Like many great romances, the relationship between these two digital channels started with a disagreement.

4. Things quickly turned flirtatious.

6. And the ship had sailed.

I ship it. RT @ABC2: .@SBS2 You'd have an advantage! Everyone on SBS is naked, we'd get distracted!

— Natalija Vojković (@macdorober)

@lesty76 We've been told to kiss, @SBS2. Meet you behind the bike shed?

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

8. @SBS2 were hesitant at first.

@ABC2 @lesty76

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

9. But @ABC2 were keen.

@SBS2 @lesty76

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

10. They definitely didn’t want their parental figure/managing director involved.

@anthonysegaert7 @MicHubert @SBS2 Don't tag @mscott! That's like your dad overhearing you talking about sex! *blushes, hides screen*

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

11. It was pretty epic.

@ameliachappelow @SBS2 We are the Romeo and Juliet of government funded digital TV social media accounts.

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

@ABC2 @ameliachappelow Less death and mutual sacrifice though. #spoilers

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

13. …And dirty.

@SARussellwords @marcfennell @SBS2 @ameliachappelow Is "booty-tweeting" a thing yet?

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

@ABC2 @SARussellwords @marcfennell @ameliachappelow If it is we shotgun the doco about it.

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

@SBS2 @SARussellwords @marcfennell @ameliachappelow You and your sporting coverage! Dibs on the spoof doco.

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

@ABC2 @SBS2 @marcfennell @ameliachappelow oh my. Aunty said spoof!!!

— Stephen A Russell (@SARussellwords)

@SARussellwords @SBS2 @marcfennell @ameliachappelow We didn't mean it like that! We just wanted a spunky cum back.

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

18. Other people complicated things.

@sbs2 is like the cooler, sassier cousin of @abc2

— Mikey (@mdlp00)

@mdlp00 @SBS2 OH NO YOU DIDN'T.

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

@ABC2 @mdlp00

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

21. And it just fueled their sizzling chemistry.

The sexual tension between @sbs2 & @abc2 tantalizing.

— Marc Fennell (@marcfennell)

22. Then another obstacle appeared…

@mrbenjaminlaw @marcfennell @SBS2 @ABC2 Aren't they like half brother & sister?

— Luke Stockwell (@jedistocky)

23. But @SBS2 cleared that up quick smart.

@jedistocky @mrbenjaminlaw @marcfennell @ABC2 More like cousins, twice removed.

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

24. The fans were well and truly on board.

It’s nearly time for some hot, steamy @SBS2/@ABC2 fanfiction.

— Tanya Quack (@tollplaza)

Today I found my new OTP: @ABC2 and @SBS2 #trueaustraliandrama

— Isabella Ferguson (@isabellaferg)

Just bang already @SBS2 @ABC2 #OTP

— Jenn Law (@Chainsawnicorn)

Not going to lie, @ABC2 & @SBS2 are my OTP. #iwillgodownwiththisship

— Lauren Ingram (@laureningram)

28. The 2s were OK with that.

@tollplaza @Chainsawnicorn @ABC2 We'd like the title of said fan fic to be "It takes 2 to tango'. Please.

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

@SBS2 @tollplaza @Chainsawnicorn "what happens after station close..."

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

@anniea89 @ABC2 @tollplaza @Chainsawnicorn This thing basically writes itself.

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

31. Things got serious.

@SBS2 @ABC2 The 2's are the new Kimye. Can I be at your wedding?

— Annastasia Robertson (@Anniestas)

@Anniestas @SBS2 It'll be televised of course. We'll sell the rights for dozens of dollars!

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

@Anniestas @ABC2 Dual broadcast. Makes sense for such an important national event. Your invite's in the mail!

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

@SBS2 @Anniestas I'm picturing a national, Wills & Kate style tour afterwarrds.

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

35. They defended each other, like good couples do.

howd i only just follow @SBS2. so much better than @ABC2.... (discuss)

— Oliver Potter (@Ol4er)

@Ol4er @SBS2 Well now you're just throwing shade for the sake of it...

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

@ABC2 @Ol4er You can totally continue to compliment us, whilst not insulting them though. Feel free to do that.

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

@SBS2 @Ol4er Awww! Sticking up for us! #swoon

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

39. Then this happened.

Not what we were expecting, but we're into it. RT @ABC2: Look, @SBS2! Our fanfic is happening!

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

40. And actual fan art appeared.

I want to imagine @SBS2 and @ABC2 as a buddy cop pairing. Hanging out together and solving crimes. Is that weird?

— BrenMcG (@JabberworksArt)

No words... RT"@JabberworksArt: The @SBS2 / @ABC2 buddy cop movie everybody's clamouring for (starring @Jan__Fran ). "

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

Hey @ABC2, what do you think of our tache? via @tollplaza

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

43. Today, talk moved to the honeymoon.

So apparently you can now travel by Dragon between two mountains in Wales. The internet said so.

— SBS 2 (@SBS2)

@SBS2 Are you planning our honeymoon? That's sweet.

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

You digital channels, always flirting. Get a room. RT “@ABC2: @SBS2 Are you planning our honeymoon? That's sweet.”

— Lawrence Leung (@Lawrence_Leung)

@Lawrence_Leung @SBS2 We're planning to! WITH A DRAGON.

— ABC2 (@ABC2)

47. And the saga continues. You can follow along via the @SBS2 and @ABC2 Twitter accounts. Here’s hoping these two crazy lovebirds make it.

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