34 Of The Most Hilarious "The Good Place" Jokes Of All Time

    THIS is the Good Place.

    1. When Chidi had this perfect response:

    2. When Jason made this astute observation:

    3. Every time Eleanor got Chidi's name wrong:

    4. When Janet malfunctioned:

    5. When Eleanor described the Cockroaches:

    6. When the Bad Place made Cockroach bots:

    7. Every time Tahani name-dropped, but especially this one:

    8. When Tahani experienced Home Alone for the first time:

    9. Every time Janet was rebooted:

    10. When Jason actually made sense:

    11. When this baby elephant made of pure light revealed the secrets of the universe:

    12. When Eleanor wasn't sure where Tahani was from:

    13. When Jason had an existential crisis:

    14. And when he took this as a compliment:

    15. When Jason actually figured things out:

    16. When Chidi had an ongoing obsession with almond milk:

    17. When Shawn revealed how we all feel about Jason's cheekbones:

    18. When Eleanor knew her value:

    19. When Tahani revealed what her name means:

    20. When Jason made points about apples:

    21. And also Ratatouille:

    22. When Eleanor asked the important questions:

    23. When Chidi had a breakdown:

    24. When Larry Hemsworth happened:

    25. When Jason appreciated art:

    26. When Michael channeled being a human:

    27. And when he shone a new light on kissing:

    28. When Michael revealed the truth about gift shops:

    29. And also Beyoncé:

    30. When Chidi thought Eleanor was horny crying:

    31. When Chidi wanted ALL OF THE BOOKS:

    32. When Eleanor innovated:

    33. And when she spoke the truth:

    34. And finally, when Jason revealed the solution to all of his problems: