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A Lot Of People Think "The Good Place" Was Robbed At The Golden Globes

Sign no. 1367 we're in the Bad Place.

Fact: The Good Place is one of the best goddamn shows on TV right now.


Unfortunately it didn't win anything at this year's Golden Globes, losing Best TV Comedy to The Kominsky Method, while Kristen Bell lost Best Actress in a TV Comedy to Rachel Brosnahan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Live look of #TheGoodPlace at the #GoldenGlobes!

Naturally, a lot of fans were NOT happy about it...

Me when #TheGoodPlace fails to be recognized: #GoldenGlobes

how can you NOT give this a golden globe?? #TheGoodPlace

The Good Place didn’t win....0 BARS #GoldenGlobes

Me watching the good place get robbed #GoldenGlobes

y’all really said fuck the good place and gave it to a show that literally no one on earth watches huh #goldenglobes

HFPA: Gosh I love all these female driven comedies Also HFPA: OLD WHITE MEN #GoldenGlobes

"The Good Place" should won that in a goddamn landslide. #GoldenGlobes

sorry but the only correct answers for those comedy awards were: - Kristen Bell - The Good Place #GoldenGlobes

the good place doesnt deserve to lose to a show i’ve never heard of

the good place lost 2 golden globes

The kominsky method beat good place AND mrs maisel????


Justice for The Good Place!


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