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The Definitive Ranking Of '90s Aussie Kids TV Shows


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62. Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown

Nine Network

The less good version of Blinky Bill.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Let's be real, we all preferred to watch the original Skippy with the actual kangaroo.

61. Petals


It was about little flower fairy things and it was super cute but you didn't get particularly strong feelings about it.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Anthony Warlow's smooth narration.

60. The Adventures of Sam


Set in the 1850s, this short-lived series followed the adventures of a boy named... you guessed it... Sam.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Well, it didn't really, did it?

59. Kitu and Woofl


Sure the characters are familiar but what even was this show?

Childhood-Defining Moment: It was narrated by Noni Hazlehurst. That is all.

58. Pig's Breakfast


Again, what even was this show?

Childhood-Defining Moment: Those aliens though.

57. Ferry Boat Fred


The little Sydney Harbour that Fred sailed around was cute. Fred was cute. The whole show was cute. But... a little boring?

Childhood-Defining Moment: It made you realise how terrible koalas are at driving ferries.

56. Li'l Elvis and the Truckstoppers


A redhead foster kid, who may or may not be the illegitimate child of Elvis, forms a band with his best friends and has adventures in the Outback.

Childhood-Defining Moment: The idea that Elvis could have had a redhead kid.

55. Magic Mountain


A lion, panda, tortoise and DRAGON are best friends and have adventures. Magical adventures.

Childhood-Defining Moment: You were probably a little too old to watch it but you did anyway.

54. Blockbusters

Seven Network

Probably the hardest and least fun of all of Australia's (brilliant) kid's game shows.

Childhood-Defining Moment: It was your first introduction to host Michael Pope, who went on to do many more TV things.

53. Big Square Eye


Probably the most the ridiculous game show in Australian TV history, but so fun.

Childhood-Defining Moment: That big square eye that burned itself into your brain.

52. Misery Guts


A miserable English family move to Australia in the hopes of being less miserable. Sounds about right.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Reading the books and realising they were better.

51. The Silver Brumby

Media World

It was about wild horses and it was good but not like a MUST-WATCH.

Childhood-Defining Moment: The pretty main horse named THOWRA.

50. Time Masters

Seven Network

The kids on this show were expected to have knowledge AND athletic skills. Whut?

Childhood-Defining Moment: Realising this was the one game show you actually didn't really want to compete on.

49. Mulligrubs

Network Ten

You watched it every day but parts of it (*cough*THE GIANT FACE*cough*) mildly terrified you.

Childhood-Defining Moment: THE GIANT FACE ARRRRRRGH.

48. The Miraculous Mellops

Network Ten

About a strange family that had strange things happen to them (but not as good as Round the Twist).

Childhood-Defining Moment: Waiting for your everyday items to aquire superpowers like the Baseball Cap of Flight or the T-Shirt of Invisibility.

47. Total Recall

Seven Network

A bunch of schools competed to see which kids had the best memory, basically.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Like, it definitely improved your own recall skills.

46. Wipeout

Seven Network

A wipeout meant that if you guessed an answer wrong you lost ALL your points. Way harsh.

Childhood-Defining Moment: It was the last of the great kid's game shows of the '90s.

45. Pugwall

Nine Network

About a boy and his band, Pugwall actually started in the '80s but didn't finish until the early '90s.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Feeling really cool watching it because it seemed so grown up at the time.

44. The Gift

Barron Television

Whoever held The Gift held the power... and two guardian angels in the form of strange beings Raff and Enzo. This show was fun but not as good as some of the other gems on this list - sadly, they can't all be on top.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Never hating anyone as much as you hated Edwina.

43. Minty

Taylor Media

This show was about two identical girls - a British schoolgirl and an Australian soap star - who switched lives. It was entertaining but again, this is a stiff competition.

Childhood-Defining Moment: The whole "the grass is always greener" lesson of the show.

42. Challenger

Nine Network

When it started it was hosted by Dougie the Pizza Guy and it was HIGH QUALITY TELEVISION.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Playing "Challenger" at home with your friends.

41. Sky Trackers

Seven Network

A group of families live at a space tracking station in the Outback. Drama and adventures ensue.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Getting your first crush on at least one of the characters (oh heeey Mike).

40. Crash Zone


A bunch of teenagers get paid to play games and muck around on the internet. They were living the dream before you even knew what the dream was.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Getting trauma flashbacks to Mulligrubs thanks to the floating head of the internet named Virgil.

39. Mission Top Secret

Network Ten

A secret organisation of kids who fight an evil villain named Neville Savage? Sign us up.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Starting your own chapter of the Centauri Network.

38. Totally Wild

Network Ten

The TV show for kids who didn't watch a lot of TV coz they liked the outdoors and stuff.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Ranger Stacey.

37. Chuck Finn


Who knew you could care about what happened to a rundown paddle steamer so much? Still, this was more of a '00s show and only just makes the cut.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Chuck Finn's hat, obviously.

36. Finder's Keepers


About a kid who gets sucked into an inter-dimensional gameshow/scavenger hunt. Fancy.

Childhood-Defining Moment: You secretly looked for all the items Patrick had to find yourself.

35. The Afternoon Show


Michael Tunn was awesome and this show had you SET for entertainment after school.

Childhood-Defining Moment: When it ended. :(

34. Couch Potato


The only way to watch cartoons on a Sunday morning.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Hoping your parents would sleep in so you could watch Couch Potato in peace.

33. Now You See It

Nine Network

This game show was basically a cross between hangman and a find-a-word. Which was great, obviously.

Childhood-Defining Moment: You felt totally smart when you beat the kids competing on the show.

32. Mirror Mirror

Network Ten

An Australian and New Zealand co-production about time traveling teens and Russian conspiracies(!).

Childhood-Defining Moment: Probably the first time you'd ever heard of New Zealand.

31. Thunderstone

Network Ten

A post-apocalyptic series featuring a grown up-ish and slightly less ginger Jeffrey Walker.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Being terrified that the future actually looked like this.

30. What's Up Doc?

Nine Network

The only way to watch Warner Bros cartoons back in the day. Literally.

Childhood-Defining Moment: The first time you saw Catriona Rowntree on TV, but most certainly not the last.

29. Pick Your Face

Nine Network

The greatest combination of celebrity and runny noses of all time.

Childhood-Defining Moment: The origin of your obsession with pop culture.

28. Lizzie's Library


It looked cool and fun and made reading cool and fun.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Wishing a portable library would come to your door.

27. The Book Place

Seven Network

This ALSO made reading cool and fun plus it read actual books to you.

Childhood-Defining Moment: When you got the fact that the wormy thing was a BOOK WORM.

26. Johnson and Friends


You loved it but it was also a little unsettling. Like, how are an accordion, toy car, stuffed elephant and hot water bottle ALL THAT BIG.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Going to see the live show.

25. The Girl from Tomorrow

Nine Network

Everything about this time-travel show was awesome, including the special effects. Really.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Using a headband to pretend you were Alana.

24. Double Dare

Network Ten

This game show involved an obstacle course that had a balloon pit and paint you had to crawl through. YES.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Getting into trouble for trying to recreate the obstacle course at home.

23. Plasmo


Beautiful (and a little eery) claymation set in space, with adorable and... odd-looking characters.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Plasmo's mournful voice + those eyes did weird things to your soul.

22. The Ferals


The only feral animals people liked. Everyone wanted to be Rattus but most of us were more Derryn, let's be real.

Childhood-Defining Moment: The theme song, which you still know all the words to.

21. The Wayne Manifesto


So hilarious and relatable, it should have lasted longer.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Learning what the word manifesto meant.

20. The Genie from Down Under


Such a great show, but goddamn Penelope was annoying.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Begging for your own opal necklace, just in case it would contain a genie.

19. Escape from Jupiter/Return to Jupiter


Escape from Jupiter and its sequel Return to Jupiter were classic Aussie sci-fi. Kids in space!

Childhood-Defining Moment: Emulating the hairstyles on this show, for some crazy reason.

18. Vidiot


The coolest questions and the coolest format and the coolest celebrity guests and everything about this game show was just the coolest.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Scott McRae.

17. Here's Humphrey

Nine Netowrk

Humphrey B. Bear remains one of the most loved characters in Australian history, and also one of the most controversial - that pantsless rascal.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Cuddling your Humphrey B. Bear toy. You know you had one (or two or three).

16. Halfway Across The Galaxy And Turn Left


The kid in this show was in charge of her whole family and got to boss her parents around. Amazing.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Getting nightmares from the enforcer guy.

15. Elly & Jools

A young boy befriends a ghost girl and tries to help her figure out who murdered her. Spooky!

Childhood-Defining Moment: When Elly swung away from Jools and your five-year-old heart was overcome with FEELS.

14. A*Mazing

Seven Netwrok

The greatest game show ever. This is a true fact.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Your lifelong goal was to get on the show. You probably failed. :(

13. Cheez TV

Network Ten

CHEEZ TV. You just sang that in your head, didn't you?

Childhood-Defining Moment: You either wanted to be Jade and Ryan, or you wanted to... hold their hands.

12. Agro's Cartoon Connection

Seven Network

If you weren't watching Cheez TV on a weekday morning, you were definitely watching Agro.

Childhood-Defining Moment: When you got old enough to understand some of Agro's jokes.

11. Saturday Disney

Seven Network

If you didn't watch this show every Saturday what were you even doing with your childhood?!

Childhood-Defining Moment: Wishing you lived at the Saturday Disney house.

10. Ship to Shore


A group of kids living on an island have awesome adventures and prove adults are idiots.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Watching Hermes Endakis get beaten every damn time.

9. Ocean Girl

Network Ten

An alien crash lands on Earth with no memory of where she came from, and befriends two human boys who help her discover her past and save the world. Also there was a whale called Charlie.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Doing the Neri swim.

8. Heartbreak High


The drama, the fashion, the lessons, the FEELINGS. You were such a grown up if you were allowed to watch this (and such a rebel if you snuck it behind your parents' backs.)

Childhood-Defining Moment: Drazic. Just, Drazic.

7. Bananas in Pyjamas


The original and the best, a.k.a. the only acceptable version.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1?

6. Spellbinder

Nine Network

Adventures in parallel universes are always fun.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Loving to hate the brilliant villain that was Ashka.

5. The Adventures of Blinky Bill


It doesn't get much more iconic than HEY HEY IT'S BLINKY BILL.

Childhood-Defining Moment: The whole goddamn show.

4. Lift Off


A bunch of kids wore colourful clothes and had a magical elevator and a magical doll and lived a magical life, basically.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Every time EC the faceless doll moved.

3. Mr. Squiggle


About a puppet man from the moon with a pencil for a nose who liked to draw things with the help of a grumpy blackboard a smoky tractor and a snail with a flowerpot for a shell. ICONIC.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Playing Mr. Squiggle whenever you were bored. Which was a lot.

2. Play School


There's a bear in theeeere, and a chair as weeeeell, there are people with gaaaames, and stories to teeeeell, open wide, come inside, it's Plaaay Schooool.

Childhood-Defining Moment: Benita and John and Trisha and Angela and George and Noni. <3

1. Round the Twist


Hands down the best Australian TV show of all time THE END.

Childhood-Defining Moment: HAVE YOU EVER, EVER FELT LIKE THIS?!