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    Posted on 31 Jan 2018

    Wow, The Cast Of "Mortified" Glo'd The Fuck Up

    I'm shook.

    Marny Kennedy as Taylor Fry


    Kennedy continued to act after Mortified, most recently starring in crime series Janet King.

    Nicolas Dunn as Hector Garcia


    Dunn has mainly acted in short films in recent years, including Alone in 2016.

    Maia Mitchell as Brittany Flune

    ABC, Sonia Recchia / Getty Images

    Mitchell has found success overseas, appearing in several movies as well as The Fosters.

    Luke Erceg as Leon Lipowski

    ABC, Twitter: @LukeErceg

    Erceg appeared in a few shows after Mortified, including A Gurls World and Home and Away, but he hasn't acted since 2010.

    Dajana Cahill as Layla Fry

    ABC, Instagram: @

    Cahill now works at a PR and events agency, but she hasn't stopped acting – she had a small role on Neighbours in 2017.

    What a cast. 🙌


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