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    The 99 Hottest Guys From 1999 (According To Dolly Magazine)

    All the sexual awakening your teen self could handle.

    In January 1999, Dolly magazine listed the 99 hottest guys to watch, and it was glorious.

    Literally all of your teen crushes are on these pages.

    Leo! Scott Speedman! Josh Jackson!

    Taylor Hanson! Paul Rudd! Draziiiiiccccc.

    JTT! Andrew Keegan! Ben Lee?

    Unfortunately there's a gaping hole where Mark Wahlberg once was because the owner of the magazine (BuzzFeed staff writer Stephanie) believed she was going to marry him.

    There's also a bunch of ticks sprinkled throughout the pages on the guys who got 14-year-old Stephanie's stamp of approval.

    Tick! Tick! Tick!

    Meanwhile, alleged IRL baes Ian Thorpe and Ricky Martin were pictured side by side.

    And apparently the South Park guys were hot in 1999? Coz who didn't have a crush on Kenny, amirite?

    But like Paul Walker and Brad Renfro RIP :(

    The whole spread is simply perfection.

    Makes you feel like you're living a teenage dream...

    The way it turns you on.

    Like dayummmm.

    Thanks Dolly for fueling our 14-year-old fantasies.