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Updated on 15 Oct 2018. Posted on 17 Dec 2017

34 Times Taika Waititi Had The Best Damn Social Media In 2017

In a year full of garbage men, thank Odin for Taika Waititi.

1. When he posed in this instantly ICONIC pineapple two-piece.

2. And was gracious to his "fans".

3. When he bridged the gap between Australia and New Zealand in his own special way.

4. When he paired the perfect selfie with the perfect caption.

5. And was totally humble on set.

6. When he inspired you to write fanfic about this specific photo.

7. When he and Mark Ruffalo understood private messaging.

8. And shared some personal selfies on Twitter.

@MarkRuffalo Here you go. If you look carefully you can even spot a @TessaThompson_x, Goldblum, and Blanchett. 💕…

9. When he wish Chris Hemsworth a happy birthday with this photo.

10. When he described Korg effectively.

11. And explained how he nailed his voice.

12. When he gave insight into his creative process.

13. When he rocked double denim.

14. And a cowboy hat.

15. When he revealed he's multi-talented.

16. When he stole someone's dreams and also stole INTO yours.

Growing up, my biggest dream was to be photographed for GQ. Hahahahahhaaaa NOT. I stole someone else's dream Lolz!…

17. When he was New Zealander of the Year.

18. When he spotted a hidden message in the Justice League poster.

19. And when he redesigned the Thor poster.

20. When he celebrated his success.

21. When he trolled Cate Blanchett.

22. And Karl Urban.

23. And Chris Hemsworth.

24. More than once.

25. And then he trolled all of Sydney/Australia.

26. When he tried exercise.

27. When he learned new words.

28. When he invented a new, and totally valid, hotness scale.

29. When he celebrated his birthday like this.

30. When he hung out with fellow Kiwi Rose McIver.

31. When he clarified which language Asgardians speak.

32. And what exactly Thor is god of.

33. When he clapped back on Twitter.

34. And when he invited everyone to kiss him.

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