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Ranking This Season's "Married At First Sight" Couples

According to how likely they are to stay together.

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After five huge episodes, we've finally seen all the weddings in this season's super-sized Married at First Sight Australia.


So naturally, it's time to judge how long they'll last. Sure, I'm basing this solely off their wedding ceremonies and brief glimpses of the morning afters, but hey, that's more than these people had when they agreed to marry each other. Oh and this list is re-rankable, so please share your own snap judgements! Here are mine:

9. Deborah and John


Unless poor John spontaneously morphs into a Polynesian man, I don't think Deborah will stick around. And if she breaks John's heart his daughters will NOT be happy (same).

Chances they'll stay together: 1/10

8. Cheryl and Jonathan


I honestly feel kinda bad for Cheryl, being stuck with this ENTREPRENEUR. Between that mystery blonde who caused drama at the wedding and Jon's massive ego, their relationship is already overcrowded.

Chances they'll stay together: 2/10


7. Scarlett and Michael


These two seemed pretty into each other on the whole, but who knows how Scarlett will react to Michael's big reveal that he's a stripper.

Chances they'll stay together: 3/10

5. Michelle and Jesse


Poor Jesse, Michelle really couldn't get past his height at first. But by the time her twin gave him the tick of approval and he gave her a necklace, she seemed to be coming around.

Chances they'll stay together: 5/10

4. Alene and Simon


Alene didn't feel anything physical for Simon when she saw him, but his personality started to win her over. If she succeeds in getting him to cut his hair they might just go the distance.

Chances they'll stay together: 5.5/10


3. Sharon and Nick


We didn't get to see a lot of them as a couple because their double wedding was overshadowed by Michelle's mini-freakout about Jesse's height. But from what we saw, they both seemed pretty stoked with each other.

Chances they'll stay together: 6/10

2. Vanessa and Andy


Andy seems like a big ol' sweetheart and Vanessa was rather taken by him, but his shyness might be a sticking point for her. I hope not, because they are so CUTE.

Chances they'll stay together: 7/10