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I Asked People To Give Me Their Comfy Shoe Recs – Here Are The Top Picks

Never have sore feet again.

1. Palmaira sandals

Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed, @palmairasandalsaustralia /

"I have feet that are both long and wide, so it’s usually hard to find cute shoes that fit well and are also good for my feet. When I first saw these sandals from Palmaira I thought they looked kinda uncomfortable. But I saw HEAPS of good reviews, so I figured I’d give them a crack. They go up to size 45 which is seriously so good. The first time I wore them there was a little rubbing on my heel, but then they broke in and became so comfortable. They look really good too, and go with jeans as well as skirts and dresses. And they’re gonna last a hell of a lot longer than the crappy plastic ones I usually wear." —Jemima Skelley

2. TWOOBS sandals

@TWOOBS / Via, @TWOOBS / Via

"I was JUST having a conversation about these shoes over the weekend. I don't have them but my friend lives in them. Some are expensive but they have a bit of a range. They are dressy enough, but also great for the disco. You can wear them forever. She has worn them to weddings, stood through the ceremony and danced all night. They are meant to be mega comfy. They're the brainchild of these influencer sisters Jess & Stef." —Georgie Roberts

3. Birkenstock sandals

@wantthatlook / Via @wantthatlook, http://@simone.oliveiramar / Via

"I hope Birkenstocks remain cool forever, but even if they don't I'll still always wear them. I walk everywhere and have wide feet, so they're the most comfortable shoes I own. I have three pairs of Arizona Birkenstocks: regular black cork ones for every day, plastic water-proof black ones for the beach and a pair I refer to as my 'formal Birkies' because they're white and perfect for weddings or meeting the Queen." —Gina Rushton

4. Wide Steps sandals


"Wide Steps, which is the ugliest name ever, but they actually have sandals that fit my wide feet and don’t look like crap." —Anna Spargo Ryan

5. Charlie Stone flats

Via, @agent_of_s.t.y.l.e / Via

"Charlie Stone Shoes have the look of vintage heels (think '20s T-bar) but are flats with an inbuilt heel platform. They've just launched some vegan ones too!" —@Trash_Addict

6. Mi Piaci loafers

@ / Via, @mi_piaci / Via

"The loafers are amazing. I used to commute and be on my feet for work a lot. I re-bought the same leopard pair when they wore out. They’re so comfy and incredible quality." —Meg Rayner

7. Naturilizer shoes

@naturalizerrd / Via, @freeportstore_oficial / Via

"Naturalizer – especially the BZEES line. Comfortable and fashionable. I wear them walking long distances – forest walks, beach walks. They're machine washable, so they are very versatile." —Maisie Dickson

8. Ziera shoes

@thestyleinsider / Via, @justcomfortshoes / Via

"I wear Ziera almost exclusively, because they never hurt me, but they're also expensive and I have to remind myself I'm a grown up with a career every time I have to lay the $$$ down. But they're worth it, and they last for years. Plus they fit my weirdly small and yet wide feet."—Kate Cuthbert

9. Rollie shoes

@_bodyandsoles / Via, @rollienation / Via

"Super soft and v light and a really nice shape, plus they’re a local brand!" —Kaitlyn Stewart

10. Jo Mercer wedges and heels

@jomercershoes / Via, @claudnation / Via

"Don't let the font fool you – it's not an old fogey brand. I've been buying (edit: getting hand-me-down shoes off my much more fashionable mum) from there for years and they are extremely comfortable. Lots of sturdy wedges, soft leather and very frequent 50% off the second pair offers. I particularly rate the 'mid heel sandals' - great for slightly dressier days at work without going full Ivy." —Daria Willis

11. Billini heels

@alisteboutique / Via, @billinishoes / Via

"Billini's thick heels are the only styles I really trust to not kill my feet after a few hours. While no heels are 100% comfortable, I've found the range at Billini to be the most reliable while still being on trend and not compromising on style/look." —Michelle Rennex

12. Princess Highway heels

@princesshighwayclothing / Via, Via

"Princess Highway has some surprisingly comfortable shoes! Not stand-all-day comfortable, but I am not a heels person and I’ve worn my block heeled T-bars to weddings and such and been fine. I would not have guessed that they would be comfortable – usually a dress company branching into shoes is a red flag. But they are great!" —@Supergirl_Sass

13. Frankie4 heels, sneakers and sandals

@osenbergshoes / Via, @theodorepodiatrygroup / Via

"Frankie4 has saved my feet. They’re based in Brisbane and designed in conjunction with podiatrists. They’re a bit expensive, but they’re comfortable and stylish and wonderful. I’ve got many pairs. I’ve got the comfiest heels in the world, a pair of sandals, and some white sneakers that I wear almost everywhere." —Tonile Wortley

14. Bared heels, flats and boots

@baredfootwear / Via, Via

"Bared footwear! My physio recommended them and now I don’t wear anything else. The shoes take a few wears for the leather to soften, but are incredibly comfortable after that and no sore feet." —Julia Kretzenbacher

15. Django and Juliette heels and boots

Via, @pravdashoes / Via

"So comfortable right out of the box! I wear their boots and heels – mainly for work (as a teacher) and a lot of walking! I have a pair of heel boots from there that I wore to death because they were so comfy (plus gorgeous). And I’ve always bought them online and they're a perfect fit." —Sarah McDonald

16. Dianna Ferrari boots

Via, @adornpersonalstyling / Via

"Not to sound like an old lady but Diana Ferrari do half sizes, large sizes, actual leather and are comfy AF. All my boots come from DF." —@Jenna_Rose21

17. Florsheim work shoes

Via, @capitalcouple / Via

"I really like the brand Florsheim for work shoes. They are kind of smart, comfy, cushioned work shoes. They are not the Brad Pitt of shoes, more like Steve Martin or Robin Williams...not exactly cool but you feel good and at home.

I bought a pair when I worked at a cinema. I would be standing for four hours or more and walking all over the place. The shoes were soft and my feet never hurt too much." –Tom Scott

18. Dr Martens boots

Via, @crisokardiamusic / Via

"They're comfortable, sturdy, and non-slip; good for walking/standing in all day. Unfortunately it took a bit to break them in. They were comfortable within a month." —Natasha Taylor

19. All Birds sneakers

@harper_sloan / Via, http://@michael.ashcroft / Via

"I have a pair of All Birds wool runners that are super, super comfy! They're made from merino wool, designed to be worn without socks. They keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer." —Jim Orton

20. Veja sneakers

@ / Via, @cupcakes2chanel / Via

"Veja shoes are my fashion sneakers. And they are responsibly made – transparent, use organic materials, and fair trade sourcing. Bonus that Meghan Markle wore them when she was in Australia!" —Diem Nguyen

21. Naked Wolfe sneakers

@sohanjudge/ / Via, @steffyopdc / Via

"These sneakers are so comfortable it should be illegal. They literally feel like my foot is in a cloud of marshmallows. I didn't have to break them in AT ALL (and I have wide feet, and usually have to break in every type of shoe). I've worn them to music festivals or generally when I'm out and I know I'll be walking for a long time. You could probably wear them absolutely anywhere and be comfortable. Although, maybe not for actual exercise – even though they are sneakers – because of the fancy platform." —Sohan Judge

22. Vans sneakers

! / Via, @ddesigns_p / Via

"I'm a sneaker fan through and through. Styled right they can go with any look. I wear my old school Vans about 70% of the week because they're so comfortable, go with EVERYTHING and never give me pain. I just got back from a month-long trip around America with lots of walking around (aka trips to Disneyland and Universal) and they never gave me a single blister." —Michelle Rennex

23. Adidas sneakers and slides

@lisadanaemusic / Via, @4jess7 / Via

"Adidas Stan Smiths are the comfiest!" —Simi West

"Adidas Originals. I wear them daily. They’re like pillows, but structural. Like orthopaedic feet pillows. But they look cool. And by cool, I mean every mum wears them. You’ll see what I mean when you try them on." —Jules Patey

"I'm a fan of shoes you can just slide right on, but hate the feeling of wearing thongs for ages as your toes end up having to grip the plastic to get them to stay on. I've had my Adidas Adilette slides for a year and they're one of my greatest investments. I slide them on to run errands, and they can easily make a ~too fancy~ outfit just casual enough. Plus, when it's cold you can just pop socks on and you don't have to worry about that weird toe parting that thongs give you!" —Michelle Rennex

24. Toms sneakers and slip-ons

Via, @noha_el_batrawi / Via

"There are the basic Toms, which are so comfy, but then I also got a super cute sneaker pair which look great with dresses and I wore all over London." —Michelle Gately

25. Asics runners

Via, @princessg90 / Via

"As a lover of body attack, but owner of terrible, injury-prone knees, I am wedded to the Asics Gel Kayano. They're really good support for flat feet, have been re-designed in the 24 and later range to be quite sleek, and last a minimum of six months, training every day. Better yet, Catch of the Day frequently sells them at about 70% of their retail cost." —Daria Willis

26. Brooks runners

@ / Via, @coggyb / Via

"I love my Brooks running shoes. I do a lot of long distance runs and love the support they give for stability. I think they'd be great for anything really – walking, hiking, but definitely most beneficial for running.

I've been running for years and this is by far my favourite shoe. I never get blisters and I'm very prone to them with other shoes I've tried. " —Katherine Griffiths

27. Muji slippers

Via, @hanakamata / Via

"I got a pair of these Muji slippers that are simple and perfect for spending time in the house. They are made from organic cotton, have a sturdy shape, fit nice and snug with a padded sole for that extra comfort, and best of all they keep your feet warm." —Ryan Paturzo

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

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