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    22 "Squid Game" Finale Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Through Your Tears

    Will we ever recover from Episode 9 of Squid Game?

    🚨WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the final episode of Squid Game. Proceed with caution if you haven't finished the show. 🚨

    The final episode of Squid Game on Netflix is quite a ride. The big climax of the last game, in which Gi-hun wins and Sang-woo dies, is only the beginning!

    Gi-hun stands over Sang-woo, who lies on the ground in the rain; a guard watches on

    We also get the massive reveal that Oh Il-nam, Player 001, is actually a super-rich man who is behind the whole thing — and we watch his final moments after he confesses to Gi-hun.

    Gi-hun leans over Il-nam, who lies in bed

    And then, of course, we see Gi-hun dye his hair red (sure) and set off for a new life with his daughter in America — only to turn back at the last minute, intent on revenge against all those involved in Squid Game.

    A red-haired Gi-hun looks determined while walking up a tunnel away from an airplane

    Needless to say, such a huge episode got a lot of people talking — and making memes — on Twitter. Here are some of the best...


    Me when Sangwoo died in Squid game #squidgamenetflix

    Twitter: @Killa_beom


    #squidgamenetflix #SquidGame Everyone wanting their tears back after the last episode:

    Twitter: @Grocerystore_ho


    When ‘Old Man’ died i shed a lil tear. When i got to that last episode i was HEATED!! 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬 #SquidGame

    Twitter: @An80sBabyy


    Twitter: @venusquinntrap


    Just finished #SquidGame and all I have to say is Il-nam

    Twitter: @dreamsinorbit


    Me during Episode 6 vs Me during Episode 9 #SquidGame

    Twitter: @gomezkid24


    How I feel about that old man on Squid game #SquidGame

    Twitter: @i_amroyaltyy


    When I got to the last episode of #SquidGame after feeling sorry for player 001 the whole season.

    Twitter: @CYNTHIA_DJMVP


    out of context #SquidGame finale

    Twitter: @liamjhul


    Of all the shocking twists and turns in #SquidGame, that final hairstyle is downright inexplicable.

    Twitter: @Philip_Ellis


    Twitter: @ZoroMins


    #squidgamenetflix #SquidGame Father of the year award goes to:

    Twitter: @KivalK5201


    just finished squid game and all im thinking is you better get ur ass back on that plane seong gi-hun #SquidGames

    Twitter: @luuvrgrrl


    Twitter: @jdub22_


    That ending. That twist. That hair. What a series. #SquidGame

    Twitter: @beccamagnus


    me when Gi-hun turns away from the plane #SquidGame

    Twitter: @peachyflan


    #SquidGame finale spoilers without context

    Twitter: @ThanksToManx


    Me watching the beginning vs ending of squid game. #SquidGame

    Twitter: @Footbal82765042


    Twitter: @thisisridz


    Twitter: @ErinLMarie


    Me start watching #SquidGame Vs. Me after watching it (;

    Twitter: @its_scintilla


    I just finished #SquidGame and I'm literally sat here like:

    Twitter: @GeorgieLillian

    How hurt were you after finishing Squid Game? Let us know in the comments below!