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29 Spectacular Nail Art Designs You Need In Your Life

I Scream Nails in Melbourne shares its amazing nail art on Instagram. Want. Them. All.

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1. These adorable Easter nails.

2. This stunning Peter Pan skyline.

3. This pretty pretty unicorn design.

5. A Purple People Eater mani.

8. This mathematical Adventure Time mani.

9. This adorable Spiderman set.

10. These Russian nesting dolls!

11. These cat and pug feature nails.

14. Some offbeat bridal nails!

15. This gorgeous galaxy mani.

16. A ridiculously fun colourful set.

17. This super cool burger design.

19. Black and gold gorgeousness.

20. These Spice Girl style nails.

21. This '90s-tastic design.

22. Perfect peacock feathers.

23. This beautiful wish design.

25. Black and white and awesome all over.