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    For Everyone Who Is Freaking Out About Tormund On "Game Of Thrones"

    It looks like he'll be OK.

    As you probably know if you clicked on this link (and if you didn't, don't @ me about spoilers, you clicked!), the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones ended with the Wall finally coming down after thousands of years.

    As Tyrion and Jon put it so nicely earlier in the episode: Everyone we know and love in Westeros is basically fucked.

    But the people who are the most immediately fucked have to be Tormund and Beric, who were standing on top of the Wall when the Night King came flying by on Viserion and burnt (iced?) that shit down.


    They quickly tried to escape danger, but in the ensuing chaos it was easy to lose track of them – especially as more and more men fell to their deaths.


    It left a lot of fans worried, especially about Tormund, who is one of the best damn characters on the show.

    IS TORMUND SAFE THOUGH? #gameofthrones

    #GameOfThrones Me after watching the wall fall

    I better see this face in season 8!!! #GameOfThrones

    But I have some good news: If you watch the scene closely, you can see that Tormund and Beric ran along the top of the Wall, rather than trying to escape down the stairs.


    It appears that they made it to a safe point just in time to turn and see the Wall crumbling down behind them.

    Right around here:


    From a narrative standpoint, it doesn't make sense that Tormund and Beric would be killed off in this way at this point.


    As it stands, Tormund is the only wildling who has a name/dialogue/consistent scenes – he essentially is the viewers' connection to the wildlings. So he needs to stay around at least until there are no more wildlings left.

    Beric, meanwhile, is (book spoiler!) dead in the books, but the show has clearly kept him around for a reason – especially after his old mate Thoros of Myr died. There were several mentions this season of what greater purpose Beric could be serving, since he's been brought back from the dead multiple times. With Thoros gone, Beric is down to his last life, and it makes sense that he's got to make it count, and not just die randomly as the Wall comes down.

    So my money is on the these two returning for Season 8. I mean, Tormund has Brienne waiting for him, after all*.


    *She's 1,000% not waiting for him, but Tormund can dream.

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