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    17 Shows Fans Of "The Umbrella Academy" Will Probably Love

    Whether they feature superheroes, dysfunctional families, or just plain fun action, these shows should hit the Umbrella Academy sweet spot.

    1. The Boys

    The Boys still: superheroes The Homelander and Queen Maeve stand together

    2. Dark

    Dark still: Jonas wears a mask and walks through a post-apocalyptic town

    3. Misfits

    A screenshot from the show Misfits.

    4. Roswell, New Mexico

    Roswell, New Mexcio still: Liz stands in Max's arms in the desert

    5. Warrior Nun

    Warrior Nun still: A group of armed nuns stand amongst stone architecture at night time

    6. Watchmen

    Watchmen still: Angela stands wearing a mask and black hooded outfit, facing someone not seen on camera

    7. The Magicians

    The Magicians still: Quentin and Eliot embrace

    8. American Gods

    American Gods still: Shadow Moon and Mad Sweeney sit together in a bar

    9. Chuck

    10. The Haunting of Hill House

    The Haunting of Hill House still: Eleanor stands in a wedding dress flanked by Steven in a suit and Shirley in a formal dress

    11. Sense8

    Sense8 still: The Sense8 cast lean over to blow out candles on a cake in a room decorated for a birthday party

    12. Doctor Who

    The Thirteenth doctor.

    13. Russian Doll

    Russian Doll still: Alan and Nadia stand side by side in an elevator

    14. Doom Patrol

    Still from Doom Patrol: The Doom Patrol, a group of superheroes, stand together at a carnival

    15. Money Heist

    Money Heist still: Three men stand in masks and red hooded suits, with women wearing eye masks in the background

    16. Heroes

    Heroes still: Claire looks up, her face dirty, wearing a bloody and torn cheerleading uniform

    17. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things still: Will, Mike, Eleven, Max and Lucas stand together

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