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29 Jokes Only People Who've Finished "Pretty Little Liars" Season 6a Will Understand

Fans: You literally tortured us for years. Marlene: OK but did you DIE?

1. This absolute truth about the Rosewood Police:

2. This play on Veronica Hastings' doppleganger, Olivia Benson.

3. This peek inside every fan's bedroom:

4. This reaction to the terrible news:

5. This on point depiction of Emison fans vs. the rest of the fandom.

6. And Emison fans vs. the characters themselves:

7. This tribute to the Wine Moms:

8. This perfect use of The Princess Bride:

9. This photo that sums up CeCe's main ~motivation~:

10. This photo of Wilden covering up Marion's death:

11. This beautiful dedication to Emily and Shower Harvey:

12. And the only logical motive Shower Harvey could have:

13. This summary of how literally the whole fandom felt about her reveal:

14. Plus the real reason Emily was angry:

the real reason of why em punched sara @shaymitch

15. This actual ~fairy tale princess~:

16. This 100% accurate insight into the writers' room:

17. And this explanation for all those plot holes:

18. This look at the finale from Jason's point of view:

19. This perfect meme:

20. Seriously, perfect:

21. This summary of how most of the fandom feels right now:

22. And the face we all woke up with on August 12:

Woke up this morning like #PLL #FAceToFace

23. This natural reaction to realising how much time you've put into this goddamn show:

24. This frankly better plot twist:

25. But actually THIS ONE:

26. This amended poster:

27. And this improvement on Aria's art:

28. This always-applicable synopsis:

29. And what we'll be watching on season 57 of Pretty Little Liars.

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