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    10 Scenes That Made A Good Movie Worse And 5 Scenes That Made A Bad Movie Better

    One single scene can make or break a movie.

    Sometimes, all it takes is one scene. Just one scene to completely change how you view a movie. A breathtaking scene can elevate what has otherwise been a terrible movie into something special (or at least not terrible), while a scene that doesn't work for one reason or another can totally drag a good movie down. Here are some of the most noteworthy movie-stealing scenes, for better and worse...

    1. Ruined: Big

    Josh touches Susan's breast; she wears a bra while he wears a shirt

    2. Ruined: Superman: The Movie

    Superman and Lois fly through the night sky arm in arm

    3. Ruined: Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Princess Tilde looks through a gap in a door with a smile on her face

    4. Ruined: Mean Girls

    Regina George yells with wide eyes while standing in the street

    5. Ruined: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    Willy Wonka yells maniacally under strange lighting

    6. Ruined: Ghostbusters

    Ray lies in bed as a ghost woman hovers over him

    7. Ruined: Captain America: Civil War

    Steve and Sharon embrace while smiling

    8. Ruined: Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Mickey Rooney in an offensive Asian character

    9. Ruined: Booksmart

    Miss Fine looks at Theo as they both hold drinks at a party

    10. Ruined: Crazy, Stupid, Love

    Jessica takes her pink fluffy robe off while looking into the camera

    11. Saved: Love Actually

    Emma Thompson's character wipes her tears away

    12. Saved: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Sabretooth sneers as he points a gun towards the camera

    13. Saved: Wonder Woman 1984

    Close-up of Steve looking into Diana's eyes as he says farewell

    14. Saved: Ghost Ship

    A man and a woman looked shocked while standing in a crowd

    15. Saved: Deep Blue Sea

    Samuel L Jackson wears a westsuit and stands near a pool inside an underground station in Deep Blue Sea

    What are your fave (or most hated) out-of-place movie scenes?