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    We Have Some Questions About Sansa On "Game Of Thrones"

    I have so many feelings. Contains spoilers!

    This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9. You've been warned!

    Guys, let's talk about Sansa Stark. Because I have very strong and very conflicting feelings about her right now.

    And it's true, in this week's episode of Game of Thrones she was particularly badass.

    She was 100% right about Ramsay, and gave smart advice to Jon, even though he didn't listen to it.

    Then she saved the goddamn day.

    And finally got her revenge against Ramsay.

    It was oh so satisfying.

    Her whole character arc has been leading to this point.

    She was more a queen tonight than ever before.

    EXCEPT. Something is really bugging me. Has Sansa learnt to "play the game" a little too well?

    Like first of all, she gave up on Rickon pretty quickly – and what she said made sense, it's true, but also WHAT HAPPENED TO PROTECTING RICKON AT ALL COSTS, SANSA?!


    She complained about no one listening to her, but when Jon gave her a chance to have her say, she withheld the one piece of information that would really make her case and help them all. Jon agrees with her that they don't have enough men, but he doesn't think there's a chance they'll ever get anymore – AND SHE KNOWS THERE IS. WHY WHY WHY WOULD SHE NOT TELL HIM LITTLEFINGER MIGHT BE COMING TO HELP?! If Jon had known this, it would have changed his whole strategy and could have saved a lot of lives…including maybe Rickon's.

    Of course, there's a good chance Ramsay would have killed Rickon anyway, and maybe they would have lost if the Knights of the Vale had come into play earlier. But it's still worrying that Sansa didn't tell Jon this key detail. Was it a trust issue, because of everything she's been through? Was she worried Littlefinger wouldn't come through, and didn't want to get Jon's hopes up? Or was she really trying to make a power play for herself?

    Also. As good as it was to see Ramsay get his comeuppance, this line was kinda creepy.

    Before all you pregnancy theorists go there, I don't think it's about that – but rather, it's about how her experience with Ramsay has changed Sansa. Turned her into someone who smiles at watching a man be eaten alive by dogs. FOR GOOD REASON, YES. But still, it's worrying.

    Then again, it was also pretty fucking amazing.

    Like I said, I'M CONFLICTED.