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    I Rewatched The Fourth Episode Of "Game Of Thrones" And Had Many Thoughts

    Project Jon Snow saying “I know where to put it” onto my gravestone. Warning: contains spoilers for Season 6.


    1. First appearance of the Three Eyed Raven! Leading Bran into the crypts. I wonder if there’s truly some ~secrets~ down there.

    2. Theon's hair is so blonde in this scene.

    3. HODOR.




    7. Tyrion designing a special saddle for Bran is so endearing.

    8. Oh here’s the bit where Theon was so “rude” to Tyrion.

    9. Yep, you definitely misremembered this Tyrion. You’re the one being a bit of a dick, actually.

    10. At least Theon’s hair is brown again.


    11. Sam! Sam is here!

    12. Gosh, he really was so pathetic.

    13. But Jon defending him is doing things to my heart. Oh Jon, you honourable bastard, you.

    14. And you badass bastard. Winning against three guys in a fight even in these early days. No wonder he became such a legendary swordsman.

    15. Why does Thorne hate him so much, though? Considering he’s so talented? Like, Thorne also hates Sam for being terrible? Is there anyone Thorne doesn’t hate?

    16. "I'm a coward. My father always says so." Oh Sam. Just you wait.

    17. Vaes Dothrak looks very different here than in Season 6.


    18. Daenerys is so done with Viserys' shit.

    19. Same.

    20. Jorah is trying to whine about Ned Stark and Daenerys is like, “ummm, dude, you were selling slaves???”

    21. Love that we’re getting a full dragon history lesson while Viserys and Doreah makeout in the bath.

    22. There truly was so much ~sexposition~ in Season 1. I’m kinda glad they ditched that technique tbh.

    23. I never noticed Viserys say “ow” at the hot wax on his chest before. FORESHADOWING.

    24. He is not the last dragon at all.

    25. Septa Mordane to Sansa: "Nobody could ever hate you." I WISH THIS WERE TRUE. I have no time for Sansa haters.

    26. Another history lesson. This episode is full of backstory.

    27. Oh, Sansa is still not talking to Ned. Sansa, just do me a favour and go hug him, please?

    28. Ned looks so tired and 1000% done with King’s Landing already.


    29. Fuck Janos Slynt, that slimey butthole.

    30. Ned, don’t look into Jon Arryn’s death. Just let it go. Hug Sansa instead!

    31. I mean, it's not the brightest move, is it? “He might have been murdered, so let me retrace his EXACT actions that led up to his potential murder.”

    32. Ned is reading out the Umbers’ page in Pycelle’s big book and I am definitely not screaming FUCKING UMBERS YOU FUCKING TRAITORS at the TV because I am definitely not still mad.

    33. (I am. I really am.)

    34. “The seed is strong.” – Ah, the line that would lead far too many to believe Robert Baratheon was Jon Snow’s dad.

    35. Not going to happen, guys.

    36. I really hate Pycelle.


    37. Another lovely Ned and Arya scene. He really was such a good dad.

    38. Sam: “I don’t see all that well.” “I don’t like heights.” Mate. Is there anything you CAN do?

    39. Oh lol Jon is calling him out on his uselessness.

    40. Poor Sam, his own dad threatened to kill him if he didn’t join the Night’s Watch.

    41. It’s a good reminder of how hard it would have been for Sam to go back to him in Season 6. He really cares about Gilly and the baby.

    42. It also makes Sam stealing that family sword all the more satisfying.

    43. “I’m not going to get any better you know.” Tell that to the White Walker you kill, Sam.

    44. Jon Snow is making a joke! Jon Snow is smiling! JON SNOW IS LAUGHING!

    45. What a rare, magical sight/sound.

    46. It’s interesting that Ned is now just casually wearing his armour around the Red Keep.

    47. Jon really channeled this look in Season 6. FEELS.


    48. Oh there’s Varys’ little birds. I knew we’d seen them before Season 6.

    49. These ones look a lot less… homeless.

    50. Littlefinger is feeding Ned so much information. This bloody shit-stirrer.

    51. "Distrusting me was the wisest thing you've done since you climbed off your horse." Truest words ever spoken on the show.

    52. Ser Hugh is a bit of a dick. I think he dies this episode and I won’t even be sad.

    53. “You shouldn’t be here.” “Let them look.” Nooo, Ned, don’t let them look. This is exactly what got Jon Arryn killed!

    54. GENDRY.


    56. ON DRY LAND.

    57. *weeps*

    58. Ned: "I'd like to see him as well.”


    60. Gendry being all protective and bull-headed over his helmet is giving me life.


    61. Oh Gendry, where are you?

    62. "There's nothing to forgive." Another line that ties Jon and Ned together. They both say it when people apologise to them.

    63. Gendry describing his mother as having “yellow hair”, coupled with Cersei talking about her black-haired boy, made a lot of people think Gendry was secretly her son.

    64. Honestly, I’d be happy for this to become a plot twist, if it meant he would row back into the plot.

    65. Even still, he is the last Baratheon alive as far as we know. HE’S IMPORTANT.

    66. Can Joe Dempsie play young Robert in a flashback to Robert’s Rebellion though? I’d be into it.

    67. Poor Jaime having to stand outside Robert’s door listening to him bang a bunch of women.

    68. Jory and Jaime reminiscing about fighting side by side really hurts when you know Jaime will kill him in the next episode.

    69. Especially Jory’s account of how one of the Greyjoys nearly took out his eye, considering that’s EXACTLY how Jaime gets him.


    70. Nice Thoros of Myr reference. So many of these passing mentions to people and places went completely over my head the first time I watched it.

    71. I was still trying to understand who the characters on screen actually were, for the most part.

    72. "I bet you smell of blackberry jam." Robert Baratheon is such a medieval Tinder fuckboy.

    73. I love Jon and his squad (including Ghost!) making sure no one hurts Sam.

    74. Gosh, there are so many direwolf scenes this season. They set our expectations way too high.

    75. Grenn trying to get Sam to hit him and then making a big show of falling is killing me.

    76. I miss Grenn.

    77. Viserys is such an arsehole.

    78. YEAH SHE AWOKE THE DRAGON, VISERYS. Only the dragon isn’t you.

    79. I am so here for Daenerys putting him in his place.

    80. Yaass Khaleesi.


    81. What are Sam and Jon rubbing onto these tables? I’ve always wondered.

    82. Sam saying "sally on the side" makes me laugh way too much.

    83. Project Jon Snow saying "I know where to put it" onto my gravestone.

    84. Jon’s penchant for red hair is already being established. I forgot he nearly lost his virginity to Ros.

    85. Every time Jon talks about his mother - and his father not wanting to talk about her – I just want to cry.

    86. I really, really need to see him find out the truth SOON.

    87. It’s kinda sad that he was too scared to have sex because he hated being a bastard so much and didn’t want that life for anyone else. Dammit, Catelyn, why did you have to be so cruel to Jon?

    88. Meanwhile, I see you, sneaky R+L=J reference in the background.

    89. “So you didn't know where to put it.” Lmao Sam.

    90. Thorne comes in to deliver another history lesson. Apparently it’s been 10 years since the last winter, and Jon remembers it.

    91. OH. Thorne went Hannibal on his brothers during the last winter.

    92. No wonder he’s so mad all the time.

    93. Jon has already perfected that brooding death-stare though. I love it.


    94. "Your brother Rhaegar was the last dragon. Viserys is less than the shadow of a snake." You’re right about one of those things, Jorah.

    95. Aw, Jorah and Dany both pray for home. I hope Jorah finds his cure and meets her in Westeros.

    96. I am actually so curious to see Dany in Westeros. What if she gets there and is all like, “hang on, I didn’t grow up here, this place is weird. Essos is actually my home, bye guys.”

    97. That’s not going to happen. But still, she’s so obsessed with Westeros and she’s literally never seen it.

    98. Dany is already starting to give up on Viserys. I don’t blame her.

    99. Here comes the tourney! Oh, for the days when these characters played at war instead of fighting it.

    100. Not that less people died, necessarily. Bye Ser Hugh.

    101. Joffrey is still being a dick to Sansa. Poor Sansa. It’s only going to get worse from here, honey.


    102. Littlefinger meeting Sansa really reinforces just how creepy their dynamic is. This grown-ass man falling in love with this CHILD. Ugh.

    103. Cersei has a stag crown. I never noticed that before.

    104. Ugh the Mountain ugh.

    105. The story of the Mountain and the Hound is so heartbreaking. Poor Sandor.

    106. Cersei is apologising to Ned about Lady. It’s too little, too late!

    107. Also she’s not actually sorry. She’s just here to stir more shit up.

    108. “I was also trained to kill my enemies, your grace." "As was I." And then some, Cersei.

    109. Tyrion meeting Bronn! So many starts to beautiful friendships in this episode.

    110. Catelyn calling on all her father’s bannermen to arrest Tyrion gives me chills.

    111. But her calling on a Frey gives me another kind of chill.

    112. I feel bad for Tyrion but this is such a good scene.

    113. Next week: “The Wolf and the Lion”, in which shit really starts to go down. I don’t know if I’m ready.


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