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    Reminder Of How Messed Up "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" Is

    The first movie messed me up, but like Max I just had to go on.

    This week, I decided to fix my appalling status as an Australian who has never seen a Mad Max film. After being totally messed up by the first one, I of course wanted more.

    ALRIGHT because I have gone full #Mad I will now be watching #MadMax2. HOLD ME.

    The movie opens with a "Previously, on Mad Max", which was actually super helpful and gave way more information on the ~world situation~ than the whole first movie.

    There is more information and sense in the first two minutes of #MadMax2 than the entire first movie

    And in drives Max in his huge FU car, looking scruffier than before because he's all world weary I guess.

    Seriously for a world that's run out of fuel they sure do love driving around in big vehicles a lot #madmax2

    Max has a blonde streak in his hair now, I guess coz he's more of a ~rebel~.

    Mel Gibson is actually hot in this movie omg you guys i think that's the most disturbing part #madmax2

    He also has a new dog, which is terrifying because we all know what happened to the last one.

    AND the bikies from Weird Science show up, because Max killed all the other ones off in the first movie.

    Max deals with them but doesn't kill them because of PLOT POINTS, and then he gets waylaid by this rando goggles guy who tries to steal his fuel.

    Jokes on him because he's dealing with Mad Max, Road Warrior Princess.

    Max captures HIM and takes him to the nearest lookout for a romantic picnic.

    "I reckon yew got a BAARgun don't yew?" lol Mel Gibson's Australian accent #madmax2

    Coincidentally, the Weird Science bikies Max had problems with earlier are causing havoc for the people holed up in the fuel station.

    The bikies in this movie are wearing assless chaps instead of jodhpurs so I guess they're more hardcore #madmax2

    Like the first movie, the bikies capture a man and a woman and brutalise them. :(

    He carries the man in to the fuel station, which apparently doubles as a futuristic cult compound if the white couture is anything to go by. This lady in American football gear captures Max.

    Max meets the leader of the fuel hoarders cult, Pappagallo, who looks like a grown-up child of the corn, and also this weird feral kid who is able to bleach his hair but not wash it, apparently.

    There's this nice bonding moment between Max and Feral Kid, who I guess would be about the same age as poor dead li'l Sprog. Also his communication level is about the same as Sprog's was, i.e. he can't talk and just grunts and screams a lot. It's all very symbolic.

    The leader of the Weird Science bikies shows up, and, well, just look at him:

    He yells into a microphone about the fuel, but then Feral Kid shows up and throws his boomerang and kills this bikie dude.

    Assless Chaps Bikie is very upset, but Humungus calms him with his strong arms and offers the fuel hoarders cult the chance to "just walk away" into the wasteland and give up the fuel.

    The elders of the fuel hoarders cult argue over what they're going to do, and Max says he can get them a truck that will help transport the fuel outta there and to some safe place they insist exists because they're basically dreamin'.

    Max ventures out to get the truck and comes across Goggles and captures him once again.

    As Max brings the truck back to the fuel cult, the bikies intercept him and all hell breaks loose.

    Max, having driven the truck into the compound, starts shooting fire at the bikies, and it's really hot. Like literally and figuratively.

    Goggles shows up with his mini plane thingy and the bikies retreat, because who wouldn't find this guy intimidating?

    "How's the truck?"


    "The truck's fucked mate."


    Meanwhile the cult tries to convince Max to come with them to the Sunshine Coast, because they think it still looks like a postcard from the '70s. Max is like, "yeah, nah".


    Max drives outta the compound... straight into the path of the Weird Science bikies.


    Max crawls out of his car, then this asshole shoots his dog (I KNEW IT! WHYYYY?!???!) and then Max's car explodes.

    "This was probably a bad idea."

    Goggles rescues Max in his little plane thingy and takes him back to the cult.

    Max volunteers to help the cult escape to the Sunshine Coast by driving the fuel-filled tanker through the bikie gang, because apparently getting busted up and losing everything he had AGAIN made him want to be part of the team.

    There's a super long, pretty brutal chase scene in which many people get killed/injured, most notably this mechanic guy who is really shocked that his hands catch fire when he touches fire:

    Feral Kid, having hitched a ride with Max, is loving all the chaos.

    Max, with all his responsible adulting skills, sends Feral Kid out on to the hood of the truck to retrieve a precious stray bullet, but then Assless Chaps Bikie pops up and a lot of screaming ensues.





    "Wtf is happening."

    Then the truck collides with Humungus and both he and Assless Chaps Bikie die, but Max and Feral Kid don't because someone has gotta survive this thing.

    The real fuel was actually in the school bus that all the cult people were on. PLOT TWIST.

    "Bye bitches."

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