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Ruby Rose Tweeted About The Australian Election And It Was Confusing

She went in on Twitter.

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AUSTRALIA IS VOTING TODAY????!! Oh man oh man oh man... I've been so distracted by American politics I didn't know it was today. Here goes..

She took to Twitter to raise some ~interesting~ questions about #ausvotes.

Does Australia still have the pirate party, the dog friendly party, the racist party and the possum picnic party to confuse voters?

😂😂😂😂😂😂 but a real hoot for the sex party finds them


She was particularly curious about Pauline Hanson...

The family first was the scariest is Pauline Hanson still around 🙄💩

But she did dancing with the stars?!? What is happening over there

And jokingly(??) proposed starting her own political party.

Next time I'm having Ruby Rose party and its going to go with the trend of them never making sense and be about rose care