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59 Brilliant Romantic Comedies That Are Seriously Underrated

Save this list for a rainy day.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favourite underrated rom-coms. Here are the top recommendations:

1. Leap Year

Universal Pictures

"Not only is it a super cute romance, it’s also set in Ireland and the scenery is almost as gorgeous as Matthew Goode’s face. It’s cheesy but not overly so, and the chemistry is off the charts." —abbythegreat

2. About Time

Universal Pictures

"It's my favourite rom-com, but nobody ever seems to have seen it. It adds aspects of sci-fi while keeping a classic rom-com feel. And the cinematography is incredible." —sarahp41ce4d80d

3. The Truth About Cats and Dogs

20th Century Fox

"So, this is before the internet, but it’s based around an unintentional catfishing. A girl who thinks she’s unattractive describes herself as her sexy next door neighbour. Then the guy she’s talking to meets the next door neighbour. He gets to know both of them, and he’s totally into the girl he talks to on the phone, not realising she isn’t the girl he sees in real life. The real complication is that both of the women are totally into him. This is just the best movie and everybody should watch it multiple times. I love this movie!" —vickitessla

4. Imagine Me and You

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"Movies about queer characters tend to be moody, sad, and full of death. This is one of the few queer rom-coms we’ve ever been blessed with. Nothing but cheesy romance with an awesome cast (Lena Headey! Anthony Stewart Head!)." —tessinspace

5. Playing it Cool

Vertical Entertainment

"It’s sort of like a parody of rom-coms and makes fun of all of the romantic cliches while also indulging in them. Plus it has an amazing cast and is genuinely funny. I always recommend it to my friends and anyone wanting to watch a good rom-com!" —nicolem4733bfaf4

6. Celeste and Jesse Forever


"It's so underrated and really shows Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg in more dramatic roles." —nicolec40deee114

7. What If (also know as The F Word)

Entertainment One

"Super sweet film about two friends who slowly discover they’d like to be more. Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan at their finest. Adam Driver is in it too! Also, you learn a lot about fools’ gold sandwiches!" —lieslannas

8. The Decoy Bride


"It’s sweet, a little cheesy, and it has David Tennant in it. What more could you want?" —candacem4c09d1fc2

9. Just Wright

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"It is such a good film, with good vibes and beautiful people throughout. I love the chemistry between Common and Queen Latifah. Whenever I’m feeling down, I pop this in the DVD player." —jasminc4512ec12f

10. Sleeping with Other People

IFC Films

"I just watched this movie last night and was surprised by how much I liked it. Definitely would recommend to anyone who is craving a rom-com that’s actually good." —paolagarciav

11. Fools Rush In

Columbia Pictures

"The Friends cast made a lot of rom-coms in the '90s, and in my opinion this one is the best of the whole lot. Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek have a one night stand and then get married when she realises she's pregnant. They struggle as they get to know each other and their two very different worlds collide. It's so funny and sweet." —Jenna Guillaume

12. Timer

Present Pictures

"Unique premise and the wonderful Emma Caulfield make this movie equal parts cute and intriguing. What would you do if you had a timer counting down until you met your true love? This movie goes through all the possible ways that might work out, interspersed with adorable 'success stories' a la When Harry Met Sally. Fresh, quirky, great acting and a believable sci-fi future." —leighg492d3918e

13. Love Me If You Dare

Mars Distribution

"It’s a French film that tells the story of Sophie and Julien, two friends who create a game of dare that keeps escalating as they get older. Even though they begin to fall for each other, the game keeps them apart with neither of them willing to back down first and admit their true feelings." —caitlinm18

14. Not Another Happy Ending

Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

"It’s about a writer who gets a writer's block. Her editor believes it’s because she’s too happy, so he tries to make her life miserable so she can write again. Involves plant kidnapping, stress baking, and imaginary protagonists becoming real." —daniflowers132

15. Strictly Ballroom

M&A Productions

"One of my all-time favorite movies. A funnier, Australian version of Dirty Dancing. A championship Ballroom dancer loses his winning partner to a rival and ends up with a total oddball. She is very unconventional, and very unpopular at the dancing school. They managed to learn from each other, and learn to love each other. Wonderful ending! Lots of fun and dancing!" —vickitessla

16. Man Up


"I’ve seen it three times now and it’s still makes me laugh and cry. A great feel-good movie and (spoiler alert) happy ending." —bellam4cb21f419

17. Stuck in Love

Millennium Entertainment

"I love Stuck in Love, it's sad and funny at the same time. The individual stories of characters are so normal and you can easily identify with them. There are no big cliches, there is just genuine story of life." —anaj40c62f782

18. Paper Heart

Overture Films

"It’s perfect and every time I meet someone who hasn’t seen it, I die a little inside for them." –oliviavincentk

19. Blast from the Past

New Line Cinema

"Adorable movie with an awesome cast." —jamesk4654857aa

20. Penelope

Momentum Pictures

"It’s such an underrated film and I really appreciate that ultimately it teaches the importance of self love and self worth, and that not everything can be fixed by a romantic relationship. Plus it has a great cast." —bethanyh4a911e5fa

21. But I'm a Cheerleader


"It was the first lesbian movie I ever watched, and will always be the best! It taught me to love my gay self." —ellaf41ae2e036

22. Eagle vs. Shark


"Lily and her new boyfriend visit his family so he can exact revenge on his childhood bully. It’s so quirky and interesting. Plus, Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords stars in it!" —jennifers4231cb0dd

23. Just Like Heaven

Paramount Pictures

"It was such a great and funny story, and so romantic." —jaclitowinsky

24. Made of Honor


"Made of Honor is my favourite rom-com ever! It’s perfect for every Grey’s Anatomy fan. I mean Kevin McKidd AND Patrick Dempsey! It’s a really sweet story and it’s really well done. I don’t understand why it doesn’t get more love!" —sarahcf48

25. Someone Like You

20th Century Fox

"It's one of the best rom-coms out there. The entire cast is amazing together!" —Brittany Dawson, Facebook

26. Mr. Right

Focus World

"Great action sequences, a funny premise, and the chemistry between Rockwell and Kendrick is palpable. Watched it on a whim last year, bought it, and have watched it three times since! It is officially my favourite movie in any genre." —alexandras45fe1a7cb

27. Heartbreaker

Universal Pictures International

"One of my absolute favourites is a French rom-com called L’arnacoeur, or Heartbreaker. It’s about a man named Alex who, with the help of his sister and her husband, runs a business where he breaks up relationships by making one of them fall in love with him. Obviously you can see where this is going, but it’s one of the very few rom-coms that has made me laugh out loud and has a genuine-feeling romance." —melindac4cdd9628f

28. Love, Rosie


"Love, Rosie has been one I go back to over and over." —ellend49e6fb91e

29. Playing by Heart

Miramax Films

"Without a doubt I love Playing by Heart. I absolutely love Angelina Jolie and Ryan Philippe in it." —juli-annad

30. Return to Me


"It’s a story (with a great soundtrack) about a man who loses his wife in a car accident, and her heart gets transplanted into another woman that he ends up meeting. It sounds cheesy but it’s seriously one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!" —lizzyt4b7a7b0ac

31. Love and Basketball

New Line Cinema

"People who have seen it rate it very highly, but it hasn't been seen by many." —snarkywench

32. She's Out of My League

Paramount Pictures

"The comedy and central characters are hilarious, but the underlying message – to love yourself no matter how attractive society deems you to be – is very touching and relevant." —saigehope101

33. One Small Hitch

Freestyle Releasing

"It's really good! It’s about a girl who was dumped by the guy she was bringing home to meet her parents. Her brother’s best friend comes to her rescue and they pretend to be engaged." —abbyl4727323b2

34. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

DreamWorks Pictures

"Not even joking, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton is one of my favourite movies of all time. Totally corny, but so sweet and cute. And that cast?! Amazing." —Alex Poulin, Facebook

35. The Rebound


"She hires him to watch her kids and they fall in love despite an (arguably small) age difference." —jonathanm33

36. Big Eden

Wolfe Video

"It’s an LGBT rom-com without the usual bad ending that I almost always fear with LGBT movies these days. I’ve seen the movie at least eight times by now and it’s a favourite during movie night." —chevyw

37. The Duff


"Great relatable characters. Wonderful chemistry between the two leads. And a story about a girl who doesn’t need to change to get the guy. Each character grows and has an arc where they discover something about themselves and overcome obstacles to become better people. Oh and I forgot to mention it’s a lot of fun as well." —k4a2624cef

38. Bed of Roses

New Line Cinema

"It’s so wonderfully '90s and is a romance involving a busy businesswoman and a florist. Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson are so great in this and the soundtrack is fantastic." —angelissac

39. From Prada to Nada

Odd Lot Entertainment

"It’s such a fun and cool movie." —yumnazahra18

40. French Kiss

20th Century Fox

"One of THE best and most underrated rom-coms ever! Starring America’s sweetheart Meg Ryan in her prime and set in one of the world’s most romantic cities, the movie is wonderful, hilarious, and romantic." —mickr3

41. Two Night Stand

Entertainment One

"It is absolutely my favourite rom-com. And if you are a young twentysomething not sure what you are doing with your life, you’ll relate even more!" —allisond4a5606322

42. Something New

Focus Features

"Its a very cute rom-com that deals with issues arising in an interracial relationship. I just love this movie." —s4bb472acb

43. Mrs Winterbourne

TriStar Pictures

"That scene where Brendan Fraser’s character writes the pros and cons list makes my insides turn into a million butterflies!" —louisec48978178d

44. Austenland


"I love it so much, I watch it once a week and I don’t really do rom-coms. I love that it’s so cliche but smart at the same time." —kilamenapie

45. Get Over It


"This movie has an amazing all-star cast, musical numbers, and every moment with Martin Short is pure joy!" —ally24601

46. Blind Date

Paramount Pictures

"Blind Date or Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément. It’s about a girl and her neighbour separated by a thin wall and they can hear pretty much everything the other says or does. And they hate each other until they start a strange relationship." —daniflowers132

47. Love Potion No. 9

20th Century Fox

"I love this movie. It’s the classic shy nerdy girl is actually beautiful, and finds true love with the sweet nerdy boy, who is actually cute." —brendag4d69211a5

48. Laggies


"Honestly, Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell are so hot." —simplydybest13

49. Kate & Leopold

Miramax Films

"It’s got Meg Ryan being her typical strong, sassy New York businesswoman with Hugh Jackman as a rich aristocrat British inventor who falls through a wormhole to travel in time to 'present day' 2001. They find each other obnoxious and crazy at first, but their love blossoms in such a traditional and natural fashion that it makes this movie a joy to watch. It’s funny, sweet, and smart. Plus it brings up time travel paradoxes and not all rom-coms do that!" —novacaineblues

50. The Wedding Date

Universal Studios

"I absolutely love Debra Messing, she plays a woman who’s had trouble getting over her ex and is about to attend her little sister's wedding in England. Obviously so relatable, right? Haha, but really it’s funny, cute, and pulls at your heartstrings. This is also one of Amy Adams’ earlier films. And bonus, Dermot Mulroney shows off his butt!" —jessicab40d1261c4

51. Forget Paris

Columbia Pictures

"Forget Paris is one of my FAVES and nooooobody ever talks about it. Seriously, it’s Billy Crystal and Debra Winger – how can you go wrong? That and it’s just a great, great story that is played perfectly by all the actors." —jessicarayc

52. Excess Baggage

Columbia Pictures

"How could anyone not love Alicia Silverstone?!" —asc216

53. GBF

Vertical Entertainment

"GBF is by far one of my favorite rom-coms of all time. It was the first LGBTQ rom-com I saw, and I love it. It’s silly, real, and will make you laugh hysterically one minute and cry the next. It’s one of those movies that really sticks with you and will make you have a little hope in a world that is in a bit of a rut right now." —loreleiw3

54. Obvious Child


"Donna (Jenny Slate) is a loveable but clueless twentysomething stand-up comedian who gets dumped by her boyfriend. Her rebound hookup leads to an unplanned pregnancy. Jenny Slate is so good in this film. Her romance with Jake Lacy is so pure and fun, and you can tell that they had a good time making it. It’s heartwarming, hilarious, and so real." —kristenp4509c23ab

55. Can’t Buy Me Love

Touchstone Pictures

"It’s your cheesy cliche '80s teen rom-com, but who can resist a young McDreamy? Patrick Dempsey was so swoon-worthy!" —victorias4cb217152

56. What's Your Number?

20th Century Fox

"I love this movie for 1. Confronting the stigma around having a high number of sexual partners, 2. Ari Graynor’s wedding vows in the film are goals, 3. So many awesome actors appear as Ally’s exes (Chris Pratt? Martin Freeman? Anthony Mackie? Andy Samberg?!), 4. The line, “fringe is bangs”, when Ally is pretending she’s English, still kills me." —primavolta

57. While You Were Sleeping

Buena Vista Pictures

"While You Were Sleeping is one of my favourite Sandra Bullock movies. It just makes my heart happy, and it makes life good." —hannahk4ef4248b4

58. A Lot Like Love

Buena Vista Pictures

"How could you not love both of their personalities and on screen chemistry?!" —Kara Posey, Facebook

59. They Came Together


"It’s a rom-com that mocks every single trope of the genre in the best way possible, including that it’s set in New York City, which is almost like another character. It’s wacky, it’s hilarious, and it has an all-star cast." —musicismytherapy97

Note: Submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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Leap Year is set in Ireland, not Scotland as an earlier version of this post stated.