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    Robert Pattinson's Accent In "The King" Is Bonkers And People Are Loving It

    This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

    Timothée Chalamet may be the star of Netflix's new movie The King — and he's great and all — but Robert Pattinson absolutely steals the show.


    More specifically, his French accent steals the show. He's playing the Dauphin of France and his performance is delightfully BONKERS.

    Robert Pattinson telling Timothée Chalamet he has “giant balls with a tiny cock” is one of the best cinematic moments of 2019.

    1. A lot of people are now obsessed with it (same).

    So I’m watching The King and thinking “hey this is a slightly above average Shakespearean drama thing” but then Robert Pattinson struts in with his comical French accent and suddenly this movie is a lot more fun.


    Robert Pattinson speaks one line in a French accent and completely steals the movie right out from under Timmy Chalamet


    robert pattinson in a french accent saying he enjoys speaking English because it is simple and ugly lmaoooo i love his role in The King 😂 #TheKing

    4. Of course, the accent IS low-key terrifying.


    my therapist: robert pattinson’s french accent in the king can’t hurt you robert pattinson’s french accent:

    6. Not to mention absolutely baffling.

    why robert pattinson sound like king julian from madagascar when he’s doing a French accent in the king


    Really don't know what I enjoyed most about #TheKing it's honestly a toss up between Robert Pattinson's wig or Robert Pattinson's french accent

    8. Maybe even borderline sexy?

    whisper sweet nothings into my ear while talking in robert pattinson’s french accent


    Dear Diary, It’s been three days and I am still thinking about Robert Pattinson’s French accent in The King.

    10. It's definitely a little bit genius.

    He told me he based his French accent on the fashion people who dress him at Dior


    Reasons Robert Pattinson killed it as the Dauphin in #TheKing: 1. His physical acting in the mud scene was HYSTERICAL 2. That French accent. Iconic 3. The choice to tuck his hair behind his ear with his little finger? Inspired


    robert pattinson making fun of timothées dick speaking with french accent in the king has to be the best thing that happened this year

    13. But most of all it's really freaking funny.

    robert pattinson IS the funniest man alive he saying in a fake french accent "giant balls tiny cock" to timothée chalamet


    just heard robert pattinson’s french accent for the first time in the king


    Robert Pattinson on his role in The King: “They asked me to learn French so I simply didn’t.”


    17. You keep doing you, R. Patz.

    me @ robert pattinson and his ridiculous french accent in the king

    Seriously, never change. We have decided to stan forever.

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