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    31 Ridiculous Things That Could Only Happen In The Northern Territory

    From the place that brought you a baby-eating dingo...

    1. This bloke who was doing something very fast.

    Northern Territory News / Via

    2. These badly photoshopped beards on politicians.

    3. This woman who just wasn't allowed to rest in peace.


    4. The famous War of the Kebabs of '09.


    5. This dog with a unique fetish AND this man who proved TV is bad for your health.

    6. This excellent use of stock imagery.

    7. This clown you'd have reason to be scared of.


    8. Proof that anything can be turned into a weapon.


    9. These students who have their priorities in order.

    10. Evidence that parking inspectors really are The Worst.

    11. A school in a very crappy situation.

    12. These very creative criminals.

    13. This guy.


    Translation: "Why I put a firecracker up my butt."

    14. The case of the mysterious flying dildo.

    15. A whole new meaning for the term "doggy style".

    16. The other famous Australian Kevin.


    17. Whatever happened here.


    18. Our new evil overlords.

    19. This very polite shark.

    Mr Days / Via Flickr: isymonds

    20. This incredibly talented croc. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

    21. Even better: a croc you can take home. You get a croc! And you get a croc! Everybody gets a cro-o-ooc!

    22. Skippy's pervy uncle.

    23. This snake that is longer than two Eriks.

    24. This talking cat. WHO SWEARS.

    25. This sneaky croc.

    26. The toughest dog on the planet. Seriously, we took a poll. This guy wins.

    27. The laws of nature reversed. What'll be next? Quokkas eating kangaroos?!

    28. This really shocking story about overstepping catnappers.

    29. This girl.

    30. This jogger who really got the shits.

    31. And this croc who probably just wanted to make friends.


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