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    Updated on 25 Jul 2018. Posted on 25 Jul 2018

    The Definitive Ranking Of Aussie Kids Birthday Party Treats

    Not all treats were created equal.


    24. Toffees

    The surefire way to destroy your teeth.

    23. Rainbow popcorn

    @lovely_miss_willow / Via

    Way more fun in theory than it is in reality.

    22. Rainbow jelly cups

    @littlebakerruby / Via

    Who wants to eat YELLOW jelly?!

    21. Sherbet cones

    @happilyoccupied / Via

    They're super fun, but don't have much flavour beyond SWEET.

    20. Musk sticks

    @aromatiseme / Via

    You can only eat, like, three max before they get too much.

    19. Jelly beans

    @r3nsworld / Via

    Just a little bit basic.

    18. Wizz Fizz

    @wizzfizzofficial / Via

    The novelty wears off pretty quickly.

    17. Jam rolls / Via

    Similar vibe to lamingtons, but not quite as good.

    16. Frog in the pond

    @piphaz / Via

    I mean, chocolate and jelly aren't necessarily the BEST combination, but they're still bloody delightful.

    15. Butterfly cakes

    @mazz_abboud / Via

    So cute! But very ~vanilla~.

    14. Chicken nuggets

    @barista_rindi90 / Via

    You can't go wrong with nuggets, but they're kind of a year-round food tbh.

    13. Honey joys

    @itschromatical / Via

    There's a reason they're called joys.

    12. Frankfurts

    @liz_sta / Via

    They might seem gross now, but when you were a kid, frankfurts dipped in tomato sauce were the SHIT.

    11. Smith's chips

    @redgumboot / Via

    Chicken > all other flavours, don't @ me.

    10. Shapes

    http://@love.jhe / Via

    Pizza or GTFO.

    9. Cheezels

    @peaceatron5000 / Via

    They doubled as jewellery!

    8. Chocolate crackles

    @josie_rosie_8 / Via

    If you don't like chocolate crackles, what is wrong with you?

    7. Mixed lollies

    @aygeegippsland / Via

    There's something for everyone!

    6. Party pies

    @__emerii / Via

    Sure, they might burn your mouth, but it's worth it.

    5. Mini sausage rolls

    @victoriast42 / Via

    They just edge out party pies because of the deliciousness of the pastry.

    4. Lamingtons

    @fiqaliciouscakes / Via

    It doesn't get much better than lamingtons.

    3. Chocolate spiders

    @zoe_makes_and_creates / Via

    A seriously underrated Australian classic.

    2. Cabanossi, cheese, and Jatz

    @joshbee123 / Via

    An Australian icon.

    1. Fairy bread

    @jomandarano / Via