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These 12 Moral Questions Will Determine If You'd Get Into "The Good Place"

Yes, this quiz will reveal if you're actually a good person or not.

  1. The store cashier accidentally doesn't charge you for an item. You:

  2. When you buy something from a hotel minibar, you:

  3. A charity volunteer approaches you on the street for a donation. You:

  4. It's your best friend's birthday, but you've had a hard day and you're tired. You:

  5. You're at a concert and there are better seats in front of you that are empty. You:

  6. You're working on a group project and one person is slacking off. You:

  7. You see a celebrity you love in public. You:

  8. During sex, you're having trouble ~getting there~. You:

  9. One of your friends makes a racist joke. You:

  10. You're cooking dinner for friends and you accidentally sneeze on the food. You:

  11. While waiting for the bus, you see a group of teens picking on another teen. You:

  12. Your friend sends you a text. You:

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