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    17 Questions I Have About "Twilight" After Reading "Midnight Sun"

    Most of them are about vampire biology.

    Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer is the long-awaited companion novel to Twilight, retelling the story from Edward's perspective.

    Cover of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
    Little, Brown & Co

    As a massive Twilight fan back in the day, I was very excited to get my hands on it and revisit the story from Edward's point of view. To be honest, I've always had questions about the plot and characters, and reading Midnight Sun only reminded me of that, plus raised a whole bunch of new ones. Here are my most burning questions...

    1. Why do the Cullens even go to high school?


    They all hate it. Surely there are better cover stories, and even better things to do with their time. And yes, the younger they start out somewhere the longer they can stay but...there's got to be a better solution than an eternity in high school.

    2. At the very least, why doesn't Jasper stay home?

    Jasper in the school cafeteria in Twilight, looking pained

    In Midnight Sun, Edward's mind reading ability reveals just how much Jasper is constantly suffering being surrounded by people when he's still not quite used to a "vegetarian" diet. Even if all the others have to attend school, couldn't the Cullens find a better option for Jasper and ease his pain?

    3. How does Edward not go insane hearing everyone’s thoughts all the time?


    Honestly, I don't blame the guy for being how he is after being inside HIS head for 700 pages.

    4. Why can't the vampires in this world sleep?

    Edward Cullen standing in Bella's bedroom at night in Twilight

    Where is the logic in them never needing to recharge?

    5. Why do their eyes change color according to what they eat?

    Close up of Bella's eyes as a vampire with red irises

    What connection do their irises have with what they digest? And what is in human blood that causes their eyes to turn red, whereas animal blood of any kind makes their eyes golden?

    6. Honestly, how does the sparkling thing make any sense at all?

    Edward Cullen with sparkling skin in Twilight

    Apparently Edward's skin sparkles so much that Bella thinks it's on fire the first time she sees it — but all it takes is a bit of shade for it to not sparkle at all? You don't need direct sunlight to notice sparkles embedded in something. Did everyone just think the Cullens were big fans of body glitter?

    7. Edward repeatedly says humans are naturally repulsed/frightened by vampires, but he also says vampires are designed to attract humans — so which is it?


    Because those are pretty opposite responses.

    8. Why didn't Stephenie Meyer make Carlisle older when he died?

    Close up of Carlisl Cullen in Twilight

    He was only 23. How does anyone buy that a 23-year-old is a qualified doctor and ALSO the foster father of five teenagers?

    9. Do the Cullens ever use their money for good?

    Promo shot of the Cullen family from the first Twilight movie

    They are super rich, and gain their money through illegal and immoral means. But they clearly have consciences and care about human life. So...why don't they invest their millions in things that can actually help the planet? Surely that would have a greater impact than Carlisle grinding away his days as a doctor.

    10. Why don't the Cullens have better soundproofing in their house?


    They can all overhear ever single thing they each do and say. But Esme spends all her time renovating the house — surely she could invest in some decent soundproofing?

    11. Is Edward still mentally 17 or is he actually, like, 104 personality-wise?

    Edward caressing Bella's face while standing in a forest

    It's kind of confusing. He keeps referring to his classmates as "children", which is not something a 17-year-old would do. And yes, he's an old 17-year-old...but it's still weird.

    12. Speaking of things 17-year-old wouldn't do — who actually says "holy crow"?

    Kirsten Steward as Bella Swan in Twilight

    Bella, you can do better than that.

    13. Why does Edward sometimes call Jessica Stanley "Jess" in his head?

    Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley in Twilight

    They're not close at all — in fact he doesn't even like her. Considering how formal his language is in general, it's a little too casual and familiar.

    14. Edward says his mouth fills with venom when he kisses Bella — how does that not turn her into a vampire?

    Edward and Bella almost kissing in Twilight

    Surely she would ingest some venom. And what if she had a cut in her mouth?

    15. I get that Edward never fell in love before Bella, but surely there was someone he wanted to bang (or, like, at least flirt with) in the last century?

    The Denali coven in Breaking Dawn

    The Denalis were up for it. Did he just hate fun?

    Although maybe the mind-reading was a bit of a boner killer.

    16. On a related note, how does a vampire in Stephenie Meyer's world even have sex?


    Meyer places a lot of emphasis on the fact that their hearts don't beat and they've got no blood pumping around their does it all work down there?

    17. Finally, do these vampires masturbate?


    Come on, we were all thinking it.

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