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    18 Things About "The Baby-Sitters Club" I Really Don't Understand

    I still think about the BSC a lot.

    1. Why did the parents of Stoneybrook think it was okay to entrust their children to…actual children?

    2. How did these tweens even know so much about looking after kids and being responsible, anyway?

    3. And why weren’t they more grossed out about changing diapers?

    4. Considering that Richard was so strict, how was Mary Anne allowed to have such a serious boyfriend at 13?

    5. Why did they try to make Bart happen?

    6. Actually, why were they ALL dating so much at 11–13?

    7. How far away was Watson’s house from Claudia’s?

    8. How much money was the BSC actually making?

    9. Why did the BSC members make fun of Mary Anne for crying all the time, when they totally sulked and cried constantly themselves?

    10. And why does everyone describe Dawn as laid-back, when she’s actually pretty judgy and uptight?

    11. Um...did anyone actually like Mallory?

    12. And did anyone care at all about Abby?

    13. Honestly, how did every adult in Stoneybrook not find the entire Baby-Sitters Club absolutely insufferable?

    14. How many times did these girls actually repeat the eighth grade?

    15. Why were there so many mysteries in Stoneybrook?

    16. By the way, why is there a hyphen in "Baby-Sitters Club"?

    17. How many books did Ann M. Martin actually write herself — and which ones?

    18. And finally, because I really can't get over it...why were these actual children looking after children?!