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    The Whole Cast Of "Queer Eye" Trolled Antoni And It's Hilarious

    I love this cast.

    You know Antoni from Queer Eye. Guac expert. John Mayer lookalike. Total babe and master of thirst traps.

    Well, on Friday he posted a fresh trap of him just chilling in his hotel room, in his hotel robe, with his hotel coffee.

    Then fellow Queer Eye cast member Jonathan posted a very intriguing comment.

    Hopping on over to his Instagram, and you can see what he just had to do.

    Antoni was into it, saying Jonathan had started something. But he probably wasn't anticipating what happened next...

    That's right, decor whiz Bobby Berk shared his own take on the pic, saying, "I see your Pop Tarts and coffee and raise you a flower crotch".

    That's when Karamo got on board, and was schooled by actor Nik Dodani on how to take a photo when he was on his own.


    Karamo confirmed to Bobby he learned a new skill to take this shot.

    Meanwhile, Antoni was feeling the trolling hard.

    And people noticed there was one Fab 5 member missing...

    A day later, Tan finally logged on.


    We are truly blessed with this cast.

    H/T Comments by Celebs.