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    Updated on 31 Jul 2018. Posted on 21 May 2018

    The Whole Cast Of "Queer Eye" Trolled Antoni And It's Hilarious

    I love this cast.

    Well, on Friday he posted a fresh trap of him just chilling in his hotel room, in his hotel robe, with his hotel coffee.

    @antoni / Via

    Just your typical Friday night.

    Then fellow Queer Eye cast member Jonathan posted a very intriguing comment.

    @commentsbycelebs / Via

    Hopping on over to his Instagram, and you can see what he just had to do.

    @jvn / Via

    Antoni was into it, saying Jonathan had started something. But he probably wasn't anticipating what happened next...

    @commentsbycelebs / Via

    That's right, decor whiz Bobby Berk shared his own take on the pic, saying, "I see your Pop Tarts and coffee and raise you a flower crotch".

    @bobbyberk / Via

    That's when Karamo got on board, and was schooled by actor Nik Dodani on how to take a photo when he was on his own.

    @commentsbycelebs / Via


    @karamobrown / Via

    Karamo confirmed to Bobby he learned a new skill to take this shot.

    @commentsbycelebs / Via

    Meanwhile, Antoni was feeling the trolling hard.

    @commentsbycelebs / Via

    And people noticed there was one Fab 5 member missing...

    @karamobrown / Via

    A day later, Tan finally logged on.

    @tanfrance / @karamobrown / Via


    @tanfrance / Via

    "I hear y’all have been waiting for me."

    We are truly blessed with this cast.


    H/T Comments by Celebs.

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